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Automatic combat reequiping

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Posted 26 December 2010 - 12:07 AM

Hey everyone,

I recently started using xcomutil (9.7 - 442) with TftD (v2) and I just love it!
However, one main feature seems not to work properly.
When I use the combat equip function

"xcomutil game_x epq wrt"

on the savegame x on start of a combat mission, all soldiers get the proper equipment according to the name extension corresponding to their stats (i.e. /B for very brave, /Sct for scout stats and so on) which are specified in the xcomutil.epq file.
However, at the same time the name extensions corresponding to stats get deleted. The rank extensions and the number of kills remain.
For example a soldier with name

"Harry a:0 /wc"

will end up as

"Harry a:0".

Are other people experiencing the same problem?
I would really appreciate if there was a fix for this since both features are a great improvement of the original gameplay.