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First *real* Xcom Game

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Posted 20 December 2007 - 09:25 AM

After making a few posts here and there I think it's time to make me a thread. Greetings from Facepunch, guys.

I played XCOM on and off for a few months before, then left it be while I got addicted to Garry's Mod again. Once I got the orange box and beat everything except Portal, I was a little scared to get back into the cocain that is GMod again. So, I went ahead and picked up playing XCOM Apocalypse. I was really disappointed, and got back into UFO Defense. I'm playing on Beginner, mind you, and still have to abort the ocassional night terror site, but it's usually due to Etherals. Now, I'm doing fairly well.

My research progress so far contains Heavy Plasma, Alien Origins, Laser Pistols, UFO Navigation, Power Source, and Construction, and plenty of armor. I also have Elerium, a live floater and ethereal, but no new craft. My first question - how the heck do I get an Avenger? I've been researching aimlessly and forgot what tree I needed to get it (I read it somewhere before and forgot about it) I've also researched some other things but forgot about them.

I also have two bases so far - Base ANGEL and base DEVIL. Save game is "ANGELS & DEVILS" :P

Anything else that needs researching besides flying suits (Which I'm working on)?

Also, I currently run a squad of 8 on each mission. 6 mount heavy plasmas wearing power suits, and 2 have blaster bomb launchers that just sit inside the skyranger and shoot them out the back of the ramp whenever I need them. Blaster Bomb Launchers are probably the sexiest weapon in any game that I've seen in my lifetime.

Also, I recently fired a blaster bomb off to the side and tried to have it climb to altitude level 4 and have it come back down on an Ethereal's head. Instead, it went off to the side and bounced right back at me and blew me up. Did the Ethereal have anything to do with this or was it just a bug?

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Posted 20 December 2007 - 06:15 PM

I think:
(elerium, alloys, navigation, power supply)
UFO construction
Posted Image
I'm starting to like the heavy cannon more and more.

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Posted 20 December 2007 - 11:31 PM

The problem with the blaster launcher - you're playing the Collectors Edition, aren't you?

UFO CE introduces one minor glitch with the blaster bomb in that it cannot fly up or down on the same tile. The moment it attempts to pivot, it flies south and will strike anything in its way. Always south. If it flies off the map, and if there was one additional waypoint past the last, it'll reappear at the waypoint where it should have gone to and fly off to the next.

Don't count on that to get your bomb where you want it. Instead, move your bomb up and down the various elevations at an angle. Yes, you can get the bomb through 1 tile wide holes this way, although it can be tricky.

This bug completely stumps the aliens when they need to fire the bomb up and down a narrow space, so it can be used to your advantage in that respect.

As for your ships, just a quick copy and paste from ufopaedia.org reveals:

Alien Alloys 400 8.0 days
Elerium-115 450 9.0 days
UFO Power Source 450 9.0 days
UFO Navigation 450 9.0 days
UFO Construction 450 9.0 days
New Fighter Craft 600 12.0 days
Total: 2800 56.0 d

Most of the tech you need to get flying suits are part of the ship prerequisites, so you're on the right path.


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Posted 22 November 2008 - 03:40 AM


You can research the Ethereal for Psy and grab a Leader and a Commander for Cydonia.