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Game Start-Up

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#1 Chris StarShade

Chris StarShade


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Posted 15 April 2012 - 05:37 PM

Just what the topic says!

In this thread, I seek to get opinions on the best actions you can take when you first get your game started!

So what is it? What do YOU do first?

I'll start this off, by giving you my personal starting sequence...

I first build a living quarters, general stores, and alien containment to get things rolling.

Then I check out my troops, sack everyone with a firing accuracy under 40 and get revved up to recruit replacements. Usually I recruit enough to have 10 troops total, but lately I've been experimenting with a 6-troops + 2 tanks loadout, so I've been arranging to have 12 troops. (the extras are for an off-team who alternates with the on-team for use of the skyranger... I got base assaulted when the skyranger was out once, and lost the game cheaply. Not letting that happen again.)

Next up, I switch out Interceptor-1 to have a stingray + avalanche.

I recruit about 10 extra scientists and get started on my first research project. Usually laser weapons, but I have been experimenting with other possibilities for starter research lately.

I also try to get a rocket tank + ammo on its way. Rarely enough general quarters space to buy two at once though, so getting my optimal number of tanks can take a while.

Well, I'd say that is about it for my start-up sequence.

So what do you guys do when you start the game initially?
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#2 NKF



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Posted 03 May 2012 - 02:32 AM

General start sequence eh? Probably not an exact order, and probably quite standard, but let's see.

After building the base, I at least add a quarters, stores and containment. These are standard for almost every start. Then I might also add a hangar or large radar. I limit new facilities at the start to at least 4. Got to save cash for other things.

Aircraft I might leave as is, or perhaps swap one stingray with an avalanche just to use them up. Other common configs include setting one with dual cannons and the other with stingray/avalanche. Lately though I'm quite content with the default cannon/stingray combo.

Next I might have a look through my soldiers and see who excels at what. No sacking for me. I'm happy to work around any disability they may have as you never know what psi strength they'll have. Plus weak stats train fast, so as long as everyone pitches in during the battle, their stats will level off and be decent average troopers in no time.

Then move onto research. Very frequently kick off with laser weapons.

Then purchasing stuff. 22 scientists are hired. There'll be room for more soldiers and engineers later, and I don't need a full Skyranger for the first few missions, so a good kickstart to research is preferable.

I don't usually buy anything extra for aircraft equipment as the starting equipment is enough to get me by the first month or two, then it's just a short leap to the advanced aircraft guns.

Usual stock equipment include at least 10 ~ 16 flares and exactly 4 stun rods. Other common consumables include a batch of grenades, high explosives and a decent selection of smoke grenades. Weapons and tanks will vary depending on what sort of mayhem I have in mind for each game.

Then I sell off items I don't feel I need for the current game.

Finally back to the Geoscape and let game truly begin. That's about it for me.

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#3 yarrow



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Posted 04 May 2012 - 07:54 PM

VERY first I buy 2 soldiers and 20 scientists
<alt>+<tab> and run soldier stat renamer :)

living quarters, general store, alien contaiment, large radar/sonar

reasearch laser weapons or gauss pistol

additional buy:
high explosives, smoke grenades, 6 stun rods, 20 flares
( Gas Cannons for everyone :D if terror )

3x avalanche/DUP launchers for interceptors/barracudas

tank + 40 ammo
and rest of store space goes for ammo for avalanche/DUP launchers

after first mission I build 2 additional hangars
so I can reorder my starting base as quick as economy allows

thats the basics

#4 stewart


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Posted 16 June 2012 - 01:16 PM

The answer is . . .
It depends.

If I'm playing budget conscious, keep soliders alive and train them style. Then I will

1 set up a squad for my skyranger with one of each tank and combined arms for my soldiers.
2 set up one interceptor with dual avalanche and almost never use it, leaving the other interceptor as is with default layout. Should it require repair then I swap armament between the interceptors. The duel avalanche interceptor comes into play when a terror ship arrives. I start its attack first using standard and the stingray/cannon one second as aggressive. If I lose an interceptor in the process no biggie, since (1) terror missions come at the end of the month and (2) buying a new interceptor costs the same as paying rent on an existing one making them almost free to lose.

If I'm playing KISS and the ends justify the means style. then I will

1 set up a squad for my skyranger with 14 soldiers armed with AC carrying 2 HE and 1 AP
2 setup both interceptors with duel avalanche.

In either case starting base is built in sofia bulgaria. I setup radar listening posts (lift + small radar which one day become full bases) in kansas and chungking china.
The rest of my money is held in-hand for unexpected expenses. 10 Scientists and more default base facilities (like everyone else large radar general stores and AC) come after the first haul of loot.
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#5 QuixotesGhost



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Posted 11 July 2012 - 12:45 AM

Establish a base in Texas, and build an immediate second base on the Tippy Top of North Africa to cover Europe. Large Radar, Living Area, General Stores in America, Hanger and Large Radar in North Africa. Hire 15 Scientists, 4 Soldiers. Refit my Interceptors with Avalanches, buy explosive ammo for heavy weps, electros, prox nades, high ex and a few other odd and ends.

Leaves me with about 50k left over.