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Thoughts On Soldier Advancement

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Posted 23 June 2005 - 10:24 AM

I'm thinking of an advancement system for soldiers that uses both training time and field experience. Basicaly it seems that soldiers have stats, and at some point skills. Stats would be Strength, Time units, Endurance, Ranged accuracy, etc... while skills would be familliarity with different pieces of equipment, like laser rifle, ray gun, med kit, etc...
My idea is for each stat and skill, keep track of both current level and potential level. Potential level would be increased by using that stat or skilland by overall experience(kills mostly), like in x-com. Current level would increase some by use and experience, but mostly it would be increase slowly when the soldier is put in training. This would use the system I've seen proposed where the increase is based on an average of the soldier's current level and the highest current level of anyone in training, but it can't exceed the soldier's potential level, so when they reach that point they have to go out and fight some more to raise it.

This basically avoids having rookies sitting around in training for a very long time and ending up being good soldiers at no risk.

A more rudimentary system would be to have ranks based on battle experience which set what the soldier's maximum levels in their stats can be, but I prefer having it all based on what the soldier does in combat.

Crap, I didn't look through the forums enough before posting, this is obviousl in the wrong forum, it should be in X-Lab: Soldiers & Personnel, my apologies.

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