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Changing The Neudar Facility

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Posted 28 February 2005 - 07:05 AM

Technically the NEUDAR facilities can have an infinite detection range. The only limiting factor is the ability to get enough data to detect the UFO. The further away the UFO is, the less data you can get on it, and it will be difficult/impossible to keep a constant bead on it.

A UFO can be tracked easily if it's within the NEUDAR's recommended detection range. But if the UFO goes past that range, detection will be spotty at best, and constant, reliable tracking will be lost. It may be possible to rarely find a UFO outside a NEUDAR's detection radius. But you would not be able to track the UFO, and would have to send a scout to check it out. At that point, you would need an aircraft to try to find the UFO.

What I'm suggesting, is that instead of having the same probability of UFO detection, there should be a % gradient. UFOs close to the base will be easier to find, while UFOs flying on the edge of detection will be harder to find, and will occasionaly lose tracking. UFOs that have their detection lost have an increased chance of being found again for a few minutes. UFOs extending beyond detection have a tiny chance of being spotted for a few minutes. Stacking NEUDAR facilities could either give stacking returns, or reduced returns on detection. You don't really want one base detecting across the world, so reduced returns would probably work best.

Unfortunately, a setup like this would spam the player with constant "tracking lost" messages. Tracking will be considered lost after the "saving throw" to retrack the UFO fails. UFOs found beyond a NEUDAR's recommended range are considered "untrackable", and detection is expected to be lost. At that point, the player can see the last known path the UFO took.

Here are some example numbers with a 500km NEUDAR facility. % chances are over 5 minutes:
UFO distance_____% to detect_____% to lose tracking____% retrack "saving throw"
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