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Posted 07 September 2010 - 08:52 AM


firstly i wanna say im glad the xcomutil project get contineued thx a lot for that.

i have few suggestions for some features (mainly for TFTD but i guess it kinda doesent matter):

However i want to say i always play ironman and on superhuman so these suggestion might sound silly in the eyes of a rookie

1. Molecular Control:
for me it ruins the game... even with iron man settings. I think xcom gets the mind control option too fast
and its too OP. But i love the challenge so i dont wanna use eleminate ALL mind control from the game.
Is there a way where i can erase the Firemode 'Mind control' for the disruptor? panicing seems quite fair as its not game
imbalacing in opinion....

2. DPL:
is there way too remove the waypoints for the DPL? or reduce it to one? the problem would be i want the aliens to have all waypoints availible.
Is that in any way possible?

3.i love the ARM flag but i happen to get LOTSO Zribite even from crashed USOs lying around a map. i kinda like them aliens to be all armed but one of the main things in xcom was that zrbite was short, so one had to try and get mostly landed USOs. is there a ways (in the ARM flag) to alter the functionality to that extend that the Util chekcs if the USO is crashed or landed? or even check the existance of a Powersource on the map (as i recall the existance of zribite on a ship is determined by the 'vanilla' game?

Btw: i love the alien reserch help, but is there a way to lower the effectiveness of the thermalshock cannon? as it is kinda THE weapon for research help from aliens. Perhaps take away the area effect of the thermal shock bombs?

THX and great work