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Suggested Alien 2!

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Posted 26 August 2004 - 03:03 AM

Here's the NEW list of Suggested Aliens!
This time you have 49 new creatures... gathered from the whole forum
As usual, there's the name of the alien, its author and description...

Heavy Super Soldier (Cpl. Facehugger): "he would be difficult to kill (2 blaster bombs!) , have a melee attack in addition to any guns he is carrying, and would be vlunerable to lasers (like sectopod. He could be a robot or whatever, or just a genetically engineered muton, I don't know) They would be really rare and would only be 2 on a large/v. large ship, they would be highly resistant to plasma, explosives, incindieary, and ap. They should be tall (almost an entire square) and should look built. In addition, they should wear armor.
Lastly, they should be mindless. I'm thinking that they would do everything to finish a mission. For instance, if one was deployed at a terror site, then he would ignore your guys and slaughter civilians unless your guys shot at him. (Kind of like the borg.) Or, if he was in a ufo you shot down, he would do your best to slaughter your guys."

Armored Eliminator (Xcen): "it's a little fella with a face like this: o_O
He's about 1 foot tall but floats inside a 7 feet tall black three piece suit with a tie. You can see his pants float behind his feets on the wind as the alien floats toward you... (you don't see his legs or feet since the suit is waaay too long for him, but not too large)
when he reached reasonable ranged, he raises his arm in your direction, kinks his head and terrible light comes out of his eyes and out of where his hands should be, but aren't
the light floods you, burns you, scares you
I also thought that the first mission you get with those guys, you can't even hit them... you have to abandon the mission and research a new technology in order to capture one, study it and find it's weak spot..."

Morph (Maverick): "The morph is only seen later in the game, and only on terror missions. It looks just like a human (it will have some kind of distinguishing features though) and acts as much like a human as it can. Basically it would look like a civilian and run towards your soldiers for help, only to reach the first guy and explode... (like a humanoid popper from apoc) It makes you wonder "do I take out that civilian or do I save him?" and would add a little difficulty to the latter part of the game."

Psilon (Maverick): "Mutons that have been through battle before but survived have been retrofitted with alien technology (limb replacement, etc) so they are like half muton half robotic... why psilon then? While they were picking around inside the mutons to fix them, they (fuzzy detail) made them immune to psionic attacks. (again, if you can't mind control the muton, he becomes a much more real adversary) They can probably replace mutons toward the later stages of the game."

Human Mutation (Darkon): "Humans left behind from battle become hideous mutations due to alien experimentation (or civilians if you dont go to a terror site)
kinda like a human/alien hybrid
which is highly unstable and acts similar to a chrysilis (mutates other humans DNA upon close contact)"

Stogel (Darkon): "Splits into 2 separate beings if attacked and not killed (only if damage is actually taken off)
when it splits, its health also splits, leaving each one with half of the originals health
it attacks by hurling itself towards units since it is made of a highly corrosive acid"

Cyber Sectoid (chazor): "A grey sectoid robot that is totally invuinerable to bullets and plasma. lasers and heavy explosives are the only way to take out these monsters...."

Daddy Death Legs (chazor): "Based on the movie 'Eight Legged Freaks", these guys were the results of experiments with arachnids. They have powerful webbing to prevent movement, but are really weak."

Decayon (Judge_Deadd): "Looks: Research UFO Navigation in xcom1 and you'll see that guy.
Special: Wearing Personal Armour
Allowed research (if alive): Alien Alloys, Alien Origins
Allowed Research (if dead): Alien Alloys"

Kibros (Judge_Deadd): "Looks: It's a robot which moves like Sectopod. There is a brain in the capsule (this dark blue stuff), it's in a conservation fluid.
Special: uses Magnetic Cannon.
Allowed research (if alive): Magnetic Cannon, Alien Origins
Allowed research (if dead): none"

Lirrian (Darkon): "on first glance looks similar to an aracnid but upon further inspection looks alot different, the Lirrian is extremely deady during the night but during the day is not a big threat and will attempt to hide in the shadows.
Lirrians are extremely fast creatures which are sensitive to light so are extremely rarely seen in lit up areas, Shadow Lirrians attack at close proximitry with its target and have extremely sharp fangs which can cut simply through 1 inch of steel, fortunately, Lirrians tend to "play" with there food and attack then hide in the shadows again waiting to attack again.
Lirrians unlike arachnids have 1 large egg within there bodys which they expel when they are near death, this is a simple reflex which it has in order to survive, Lirrians usually flee before laying there egg then return to there target.
Lirrian Egg: Lirrian eggs are extremely soft until they leave the lirrians body, the outer layer of the egg reacts to oxygen within the atmosphere to solidify.
Lirrian Spawn: Lirrian spawn are born with a single egg within them which grow as they grow. It is unknown how Lirrians survive when they only lay one egg to pass on there genetic information".

Xenomatter (Emperor Clobbersaurus). "Inspired by Sid Meyer's Alpha Centauri Xenofungus and Starcraft Creep, Xenomatter acts as a living carpet of sentient alien biomatter, possessed of a primitive intelligence and sensory capabilities which enables it to detect nearby humans via their psionic emissions and body heat. The Xenomatter will rapidly propagate in the direction of any X-Com operative it detects. Any agent finding himself within the matter will find his movement severely restricted by a powerful natural adhesive matter, while equally potent digestive enzymes are discharged by the biomatrix; (think entropy cannon) organic chemicals able to easily penetrate and "digest" all armour and flesh. Xenomatter spreads much like flames do in terms of game mechanics, though their rate and speed of growth is far greater, directed, and it does not dissipate unless destroyed by gunfire, explosives, plasma, etc... It tends to spread and reproduce faster over vegetation and other organics. Due to it's unspecialized composition (it does not have specific organs) armour piercing and laser based attacks do dramatically reduced damage (10 percent of base). Because of the absence of a centralized brain, psionic attacks are completely ineffectual. Explosive type weaponry has a relatively elevated effectiveness, able to efficently tear through it's tough surface (110 percent of base). Xenomatter appears to have flourished in hot temperatures, and as such possesses high resistances to incendiary and plasma based ammunition (50 percent of base). Xenomatter is also a spawning ground for several primitive but dangerous lifeforms listed below:

Sporeals (Emperor Clobbersaurus): The most basic lifeform generated by Xenomatter, emitted by small boils growing upon it's surface, Sporeals resemble small pulsating, floating orbs that use a ballast of highly toxic gases to remain afloat. Sporeals seek out, much like the Xenomatter, human beings, possessing similar sensory capabilities. Upon coming in close proximity to an agent, Sporeals will detonate, spreading Xenomatter over a wide area, with a complement of it's deadly ballast which conversely to the danger it poses to X-Com soldiers, act as nutrients for the new Xenomatter formation, allowing the affected matter to grow at approximately double it's regular rate."

Xenosite (Emperor Clobbersaurus): Parasites similarily emitted from Xenomatter boils, Xenosites have but one goal: Grafting onto and infesting human subjects. Again they possess the same heat and mental sensory abilities of most other Xenoforms. Xenosites travel quickly by means of leaps and bounds, and they must be adjacent to an agent in order to perform an infestation. Upon entering melee range, the Xenosite will burrow itself at a high velocity into the skin of it's victim, whereas it releases highly effective and efficent retroviruses that quickly transmutate the afflicted into a thing of ineffable horror. The cells of these transmuted unfortunates then begins to produce Xenomatter and Xenosites at a hyper-cancerous rate, eventually bursting into a new Xenomatter bloom within a few turns or upon death, littering the immediate vincinity with more Xenosites. In the meanwhile, these infested operatives will attempt to seek out formerly friendly units, launching armour piercing spines at those encountered, which in turn, contain a deadly Xenosite cargo, repeating this malicious birth cycle. Because the Chryssalid utilizes very similar retroviral agents, scientists have hypothesized a strong genetic relationship
between it and the Xenomatter... (more to come on that)"

Stalker (Cpl. Facehugger): "A small alien creature that either A: Latches onto xcom agents and rips their spine out. OR B: Latches on and explodes."

Titan (Gradea): "the single largest type of creature in the game, this robotic monster occupies more squares than a hover tank (4x6, 6x6, 6x8, or something else huge) and mounts two plasma launchers ontop of a turrent on the back of its segmented, centepede like frame."

Gastrotoxopod (DendromutantX): "Big radioactive snail that doesn't work for aliens, lives in uranium mines, contaminates 5x5 square around it with radiation which gives permanent fatal wounds (for one battle anyway). Goes terrorizing miners from time to time. If captured alive, allows the reaserch of bio-nuclear theory (fission pulse cannons, radiation immunity, nuke blaster and other fun stuff). Occasionally you'll find their nests along the game, but they're tough to take on, cause darn creatures regenerate. Spineless slimebags are specifically vulnerable to explosives and resistant to electricity (be such weapons created). Very slow and easy to track, because they leave glowing radioactive tracks. If happen to see aliens, eat them as well as X-com."

Morr'ger (mikker): "its one heck of an alien! Its 2x2x2 (or even 3x3x3), and it there can't enter houses. It has some holes under its arms, with it uses to "bombard" stun bombs unto you in an arched radius. It flyes, and if it walks on top of any soldier (may it be awake, paralized, or alien). Only terror sites!"

Gravitoid (DendromutantX): "Black blob of dark matter that uses gravitation rays to attack
X-com agents. Also they attract weapons, dead bodies, civilians to consume them and transform into gravitational energy. Aren't harm by any weapons exept explosives. Though when they float in the air there's only one way to kill it: trigger the explosive and leave it on the ground--gravitoid will suck it in and you'll enjoy the fireworks.To balance them into the game their grav. rays aren't very powerful.
Due to their matter-energetical nature they cannot be controlled, and due to their small and compressed brain they often go berserk on their allies."

Sectoid Family (DendromutantX): " Hey, hey! I've been thinking and came up with a theory, why sectoids can't have babies. We all know, that they don't have needed organs and blah, blah, blah. But how did the largest race in the universe (from the statistics of my encounters) could become so powerfull if they can't reproduse? In my opinion sectoid is not a fully developed organism--it's something between larva and imago stages of development, which would explain so much! So behold: two more creatures into alien bestiarium.
Sectoid larvae--It's a water organism without psi powers. The most interesting part about its anatomy is six static electricity generatiors right under the spine. Those generators work on mechanical principle, which means, the faster creature is moving-- the more it's charging. it attacks its prey by emitting electric impulses from the end of its tail. Since its metamorphose into sectoid is primarily determined by the consentration of hormones in its blood, it is possible to bypass larvae stage. The hormone side effect is transforming electric generatiors into another kind of glands, whose hormone awakens PSI powers in sectoids.
Sectoid imago--When you look from sectoid to its imago you'll notice, that they don't differ globaly outside whatsoever. The main external changes are: big folds of skin between arms and body that resemble flippers, and a snake-like body, that in spite of looking vulnerable has its natural protection in form of slime.
slime also covers its gills on the chest, preventing foreign bodies from getting in.
But the major change occured inside. Imago gained some extra-organs such as reproductive, oxygen storing organ, universal gland, that creates all hormones and even some ferments needed by organism.
Of course you might have thought of a huge question, why alien mastermind doesn't use sectoid imagos? Well I prepared a huge answer for ya: imagos aren't as socialised as their underdeveloped brothers. They can't work in groups and it's
more effective to use a horde of sectioids than a lonely asassin imago, don't you think?"

Clark (mikker): "Its a little (VERY little, size of a granade) alien that can be used as an equiptment. When a soldier (or alien) throws a Clark in the dirrection of an organism, it will repidly attack the nearest thing untill it is dead. It attacks very quick, and can kemikazee for additional damage (each of its attack should hurt like 5 hp with armor on, and kemikaze 50)."

Body Snatcher (warhamster): "extremely hard skinned creature. consumes corpses on the field to recover lost HP."

Floater Vet (warhamster): "Heals hurt reapers. Can even revive dead reapers (provided there's a body to revive)."

Chameleon man (warhamster): "a mutated snakeman. blends with enviroment. Spotting during day time is like spotting during the night time. And spotting during the night time will require motion detector. Considered high ranking snakeman official."

G'ruk (warhamster): "slow moving zombie-like creature with incredible regenerating abilities. Will live again 3-10 turns after it is killed. Only way to surely kill it is use explosives after it is downed."

Irritator (warhamster): "small fast moving alien with disguise abilities similar to chameleon man. Only purpose is to run around hiding from Xcom agents. Excellent scouts for ethereals."

Psi-assassin (ChonkE): "Tracks general area of high MC troopers (but just general area so no bomb surprises right away ), immune to psi-powers due to genetic engineering on their brain functions which drastically alter wave patterns to the point of being indeciphirable. Perhaps if an agent tries to MC the guy it even stuns him for a short period from the mental overload of trying to commune the highly distorted pattern. Found on large ships, some terror type missions ect. Resistant to heat/lasers but vulnerable to ballistic/kinetic projectiles? Something like that."

Man In Black (deanfrz): "He only shows up at crashed UFOs that have been sitting around for a few days. You get there and find no crashed UFO, no aliens, just a bunch of guys in three piece suits surrounding your Skyranger. They fight with human weapons (rifle/pistol/rocket launcher) and are almost impervious to AP damage. I'm assuming they're actually robots made by the aliens to ambush you at crashed UFOs. Or, you could say that they are members of some secret human organization trying to get on the aliens good side. I just had a thought, they could also be armed with any manufactured or alien/laser weapons you might have sold. Just as a twist to freak you out."

Armon (Aosar): "The Armon - as we quite unimaginatively call them after their home world - are a strong, pack minded, amphibian race that considers itself 'blessed by God,' in their language 'Armonia' means 'blessed land.' The Armonian culture is highly based on a religious base and is strict and rigid society. The rigid religion of the Armonians does not endorse magic. Even though the Armon race is technically advanced it hasn't occupied many other planets, staying instead in their 'Eden.'
Physically Armon are strong due to the fact that they are essentially a predatory race and they are fit for both land and deep sea living. They have scaly backs and the back of their arms and legs are scaly as well. The scales are tear-drop shaped and about two centimetres long and one centimetre wide. They have a fin on their back and a small one the back of their heads. Their jaws are compare-able to those of the terrainian shark. The jaws open up to 20 centimetres and for some individuals up to 30! They are know to open their mouths and hiss loudly to ward off predators and/or to scare an enemy. They have gills on the sides of their heads and they are fully capable to spend their entire lives submerged, but they also have lungs so they are as capable living on dry land. Their hands have four strong fingers with sturdy claws they use for hunting and in combat and - as with amphibians usually - the hands are webbed. Their feet have four long and scaly toes that can be squeezed together to increase land manoeuvrability. The feet are webbed as well and the webbing is hard and scaly to endure manoeuvrings on land. Their skin is dark green and their scales are a bit darker than the rest of the skin, how ever the fins are a bit lighter.
Armoni female lays five to ten eggs that the male has fertilised before hand. These eggs are then carried to specified 'hatching chambers' and the eggs are put in separate containers big enough for a hatched young. This is because the young are aggressive and have simple animalistic intelligence after hatched and may kill other weaker young if not separated. The containers are translucent to familiarilise the young to each other and to shorten the aggressive phase. After the aggressive phase the young start to form ties with other and develop real intelligence. After the young have developed intelligence they are sorted by their abilities.
There are four different ethnics within the Armon race. Three of them are shown by the environment they best fit in. The sea dwellers are as was described earlier, the run-of-the-mill Armonians. The surface dwellers have harder skin and the scales on their back are large and almost rock hard, forming a tortoise like shell, but they haven't got a fin on their backs. They are also less dexterous than their brethren, but have more strength and endurance. Their heads however have two additional fins over their small gills, these fins are colourful and full of veins and are used to cool blood on hot days, they can also be used to scaring foes. The surface dwellers are unable to spend much time underwater due to the smallness of their gills and must sleep above water or at least 1/3 of a day(earth day that is). Their skin is Green or greenish brown.
The bottom dwellers are the exact opposite to the surface dwellers, their lungs are small and cannot support surface living properly and must spend 1/3 of their day(still earth day) underwater and/or sleep there. They are scaly all over and their scales are reflective. They also need water to keep their skin from drying. They have larger fins on their head and back and also on their arms. They aren't as strong as their other brethren, but make up for that in increased endurance and dexterity.
The fourth can be found within each of the other three ethnicities. It is a feared and shameful mutation. It causes a young to never enter the calming phase and never becoming intelligent. Simply staying as a dangerous beast! When a young like this is found, it is cast out of the Armonian society, left to live on it's own ends. There are rumours that some of these have become intelligent later on, vowing revenge or that this mutation is a curse from God, to teach humility to the Armon race. But the church hushes such rumours quick...
Armoni are sorted into what could be called 'clans' or 'tribes' and 'castes'. The young form strong pack mentality and when put on a early age in specified groups it forms closely knit effective groups. The 'castes' are 'soldiers, priests, engineers, hunters.'
Armonians are not very good at magic, but have extensive religion and a natural affinity to water.(naturally ;-)"

Predator (blehm): "A creature that can swim and burrow under rocks, and move ground(very slow though), and it drags your men under ground and eats them there. Kinda like the tremors worms, just this thing A)swims B)can crawl above ground and C)It is more like a salamander than a worm"

Blinkie (DendromutantX): "Its a slow dude with big hands and eyes, extremely slow and fat (think bile demon from dungeon keeper 2) but it's extremely accurate and it takes it very small time for them to shoot and reload weapons. Being a weapon expert among aliens it can pick up and use human-made weps."

Carkhopteris (DendromutantX): "an ostrich-like alien, who is very fast hits as powerful as reaper, but after the first hit destroys any armor person is wearing, due to powerful acids, dripping from its mouth. It has weak defences, but has laser and plasma resistance. It can also shoot acid from its mouth, bringing down hover crafts and people in flying suits"

Spawn (UnknownWarrior): "(You must research a live one before an autopsy)
This alien is a mix of 2-4 different aliens. X-corps scientists have no idea how the different types of aliens are attached together but it seems that alien corpses are combined together to make this creature of terror. This alien seems to appear on its own in terror missions, but this alien is actually quite weak, even if it has a sectoid/ethereal part in it it can not use psi skills and has weak psi strength. The weapon this creature uses is some kind of built in weapon that usally replaces it's left arm. X-corps scientists would need to research an autopsy to uncover more information.
Spawn Autopsy
After further study of this creature (X-com) scientists have learned more about this alien-made creature. The creature is made by different aliens attached together in an advanced surgery that (X-com) manufacturers can not do. All of the major organs have been protected with alien alloys for more defense. If there are no aliens to create this monster they will combine abducted humans. Humans do not normally survive these operations, therefor (x-com) can not combine strength,speed,intelligence, etc. of (X-com) soldiers. The weapon that replaces its arm is a plasma cannon that is normally used to arm UFOs, however, this plasma cannon is weaker. The creatures skin is very hard and makes the spawn immune to Ap rounds. Still much is unknown about this creature"

Mosquito Nest (kelfka): "I like the mosquito idea, it could be some sort of flying nest that can fire up to 500 small mosquitos with depleted uranium darts in all directions randomly.
Dealing 1-2 points of damage each. They could damage frends and foes.
They would be vulnerable to fire weapons."

Needlemen (Jonaleth Irenicus): "These are extremely thin grey aliens that look like their bodies are built of needles. Their heads are a bit round, but mostly they are tiny (as high as your hip) and they don't have hands or feet. Their faces resemble sectopods (although it's far stretched vertically).
They have the ability to animate earth by power of telekinessis (or magnetic fields if you prefer) and form into a more or less humanoid form (kinda like an earth elemental). The Needlemen rides on the shoulder of this behemoth and it's almost impossible to shoot the Needleman off (because it is so thin and small).
The animated "mud man" can hurl a pack of earth to a target, but it will not do any damage, merely has a chance to stun the target (a little if at all). This is not the preferred attack type, the Needleman moves the mud man towards the closest target and pounds him/her down deep into the earth (literally).
The mud man, because it's a creature held together by psi/magnetism, is almost immune to any weapon but explosives (so you put a hole through the mud man, the needleman just pulls up more earth to close it up). A powerful grenade or a rocket launcher blast probably destroy most of the mud man and either knocks the needleman off or kills him (it doesn't matter how small you are when you are in an explosion, right?)
There are two ways to fight the needlemen: either use explosives on them the moment you see them, try to shoot off the needlemen with a soldier that has high accuracy and a very accurate weapon (i think needlemen should have a special defense against this, like cutting the accuracy by half or so), or get it in close combat (feed it a rookie), get some soldier behind it's back and shoot off the needlemen (since that close, it's easy to shoot it off)."

Terrorworm (Xer0): "An enormous worm unleashed upon a terror site, eating any humans in sight as well as destroying nearby structures. The creature is a juggernaut at thirty feet long and weighing multiple tons. It is so vicious that even its alien owners have trouble controlling it, and sometimes it is even a threat to them. The Terrorworm is deployed only during dire situations or large-scale terror attacks. The creature's fury would be chaotic during a base attack."

Will'o'wisp (mikker): "Its a small flying spot with impressive speed, but no attacks. It have psi powers though. No armor at all, and very low hp (a single hit kills them, even with a pistol). It is resistant to HE, INC, and STUN, and therefore cannot be captured alive (1 hp, or 0 hp, so no stun). Small, hard to hit, and often hide in the dark."

Mauler (Cpl. Facehugger): "A small, quick alien (like the size of a small dog) who either latches onto agents who don't have powerarmor and quickly (in like 2 turns) kills them by biting them to death. Or, he latches onto an agents back, and after 2 turns (if not shot off first) explodes with the force of an alien grenade."

Alien Recon drone (Cpl. Facehugger): "A small drone that can fly, carries a weak, plasma pistol like weapon, and has great tus but horrible accuracy. Does not explode when killed."

Lurker (ReCk): "burrows underground and shoots spines in a row with low range and can only be shot when they unburrow, they could have like a timing for them that they can only burrow for 1-3 turns and are detected by motion scanner? or a tiny creature that hops from tree top to tree top and jumps on peoples heads and makes them explode!"

Mastodont (SupSuper): "how about some kind of mastodont alien that just runs towards your men and tramples them (doesn't kill them instantly, but heavily damages them)? it would be fun to see it run around looking for soldiers to trample, and safer way to kill them would be at distance, with grenades or something"

Cyberlid (mikker): "it will Charge at amazing speed (faster then cryssaloids) towerds your men. it could be a tiny orb (a blasterbomb wannabie?), or a mini cyberdisk, or even an alien dog with a bomb on its back.
when it reaches your men, it goes BOOM"

Muton Combat Drone (Cpl. Facehugger): "A small tracked/wheeled unit (like a human tank) that carries a powerful plasma beam, less armor than a sectopod, but is not vlunerable to lasers. It is only vlunerable to armor piercing."

Alien Super Soldier (Cpl. Facehugger): "An alien that is strong, fast (tons of tus), carries weapons, is nearly immune to plasma weapons while being highly vlunerable to lasers, and has tons of armor (power armor actually), and can do melee and psi attacks (but not too often though.) He has tons of health but there can never be more than say 2 on a map at once. (Otherwise the game would get insanely hard)"

Spamitoid (Cpl. Facehugger): "(inspired by you spamstick!), this alien has a incredibly weak attack, but it fires really quickly and has many tus."

Black Demon (RustedSoul): "maybe somthing like a small black demon which can climb up walls and over buildings.
It attacks by leaping onto the target and trying to rip out ithe targets throat and eyes
Its defence is small size, evasion and speed"

Super Muton (Sir Crashalot): "A new experimental Muton soldier with major cybernetic enhancements (like maybe a motion detector) and some external armour plating. Bigger, stronger and faster than normal Mutons but new in design so short in numbers.
You could even add a little twist like the Super Mutons being a hybrid of Earth tech and Alien tech from the aliens point of view or being inspired by human ideas."

Slimebit (Judge_Deadd): "Slime that just walks around, but it can jump on your agent's head and make them choke to death."

Gelatinous Cube (jelorol): "Sort of a translucent mass that can shroud the enemy. When shot at, if the damage is not too high, it splits in several smaller (and weaker) versions of itself"
"This is why I love subtle humour, it's as dirty or as clean as the reader's own mind." -- Sinscale17

"Just imagine if you were really the XCOM commander. You'd build defence modules like there was no tomorrow. Because if you didn't, there really would be no tomorrow!" -- Aiki-Knight

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Posted 11 September 2004 - 06:10 AM

I apologize for doubleposting, but...
Hey! Guys! Reply! Please! I want to hear your comments!
"This is why I love subtle humour, it's as dirty or as clean as the reader's own mind." -- Sinscale17

"Just imagine if you were really the XCOM commander. You'd build defence modules like there was no tomorrow. Because if you didn't, there really would be no tomorrow!" -- Aiki-Knight

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Posted 11 September 2004 - 12:16 PM

Well... they seem a bit overused. And one or two of the those are copied out of other games (lurker is copyed from starcraft, and the clark is almost the exact same as the snark in half-life.). And some of those are very similar to each other.

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Posted 13 September 2004 - 05:50 AM

Plus, there's so many of them I did not have the courage to read them all...
"You're just jealous because the voices in my head only talk to me."

"I only think this stuff up ..
then I have to write it down so it doesn't corrupt the rest of my brain.. "

"There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.
There is another which states that this has already happened.
-Douglas Adams (The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy)"

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Posted 25 September 2004 - 09:49 AM

Nice ideas, but... Don't you think that most of them seem EXTREMELY difficult to kill???

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Posted 27 September 2004 - 07:26 AM

I think that was the idea :devillaugh:
"You're just jealous because the voices in my head only talk to me."

"I only think this stuff up ..
then I have to write it down so it doesn't corrupt the rest of my brain.. "

"There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.
There is another which states that this has already happened.
-Douglas Adams (The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy)"

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Posted 29 September 2004 - 05:21 AM

couldn't you just have aliens with different characteristics, like a sectoid which centred on MC people, even something like giving the person a grenade and MC them towards your men to go boob! :P

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Posted 15 December 2004 - 05:40 AM

The "men in black" idea is quite exciting, but sounds like a lot of trouble... both for the coders (considering that they're likely to need an AI behaviour of their own) and those who need to figure out how to explain their being around in a plausible way while still keeping the background intact. Adding a whole new faction into the story of the game can ripple pretty far...

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Posted 08 January 2005 - 06:23 AM

The govement could know the MiB exist, nothing more. you start with this on the X-net.

We know that the legendary Men-In-Black exist and are intrested in the aliens, thats all we know.

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Posted 08 January 2005 - 07:54 AM

(and the clark is almost the exact same as the snark in half-life.)


It IS the same as the snark in the half-life, it was ment as a joke. :P

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Posted 08 January 2005 - 08:02 AM

The govement could know the MiB exist, nothing more. you start with this on the X-net.

We know that the legendary Men-In-Black exist and are intrested in the aliens, thats all we know.


Well, I certainly think the government knew they exisited, I mean, they were after all our only connection to the outside world of the first X-COM we had apart from those monthly bugetary reviews that came in (which probably came from a need-to-know bueraucrat(s) anyway). I also view them as the bridge between you and friendly organizations and countries looking to protect themselves in a prolonged struggle for the planet.

So far I think that this unit type, apart from being able to play as the alien side of things, is a worthwhile explorable playable unit...Not so sure about an entire faction for them though. I just get the sense that they are more cut out for the specialty unit role kind of thing - they seem so far to be the best candiates for your side to conduct infiltration missions of your own, counter infiltration (getting a country back on your side), and/or perhaps for expanding the supply logistics of things to open up that mission type more (could act as a support unit here, perhaps to include any Rookie washouts you went through that the game recognized as still loyal to you).

As for aliens, I don't mind seeing new kinds to fight against, but my favorites from the first are probably snakemen, chryzzies & mutons.

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