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Overmind Origins..

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Posted 30 May 2005 - 02:03 PM

Ok, so on the Discovery channel, theres this program on about "Super Massive Black Holes", they are basically super black holes, and heres the snag: it said that only 1 is found in a galaxy at a time.

Now, what if the Overmind (heard this supreme alien guy on the forums) comes from a SMBH? You see, what if the SMBH were actually gateways? There are hundreds and thousands of galaxies in our universe, and if you go through one, you end up in another galaxy, and if you go through another you end up in another.. etc.

So.. the Overmind, after cleansing one galaxy, found a SMPH and diverted all his energy into stabalising the Black Hole into a wormhole and.. somehow.. he managed to push through his lifeless galaxy into ours.. but this has crippled him somewhat, but he still has a fearful fleet to drain the life out of this galaxy.

The Overmind has come from another galaxy through a SMBH, and found the aliens we know of. Then they started attacking them, and the aliens, being pushed back, came upon Earth, hoping to enslave them and get them to fight in the war, by first getting the governments to welcome them into open arms, and suddenly, crush the world and turn them into a fighting force capable of stopping the Overmind. You see, how many people are on earth? 6 Billion? Thats a heck of a lot of recruits for the aliens to throw back the Overmind's relentless advance in his crippled state..

So far, the Aliens have held the advance of the relentless Overmind, holding the line in a stalemate. Earth seems to be a recruitment ground in which those humans could be used to turn over the war, and even improve the Alien race altogether (who says Sectoids are perfect?)

That's what the Aliens planned anyway.. until they arrived upon X-Com, who turned their plans against them.

Why do Aliens abduct people? simple. Their experiments are to create an army of strong, numerous human mutants to fight in the aliens ranks against the Overmind, studying humans, seeing their flaws in their DNA, correcting them, and making new monsters from humans to fight against X-Com, and preparing them for the future fight against the overmind.

What you think? (P.S. at the end of X-Com UFO, if you lost the game it just said, you were enslaved by the aliens working for an unkown empire... think about it.. this unkown empire is fighting the Overmind as we speak..)

I could make this an X-Net entry if you want :) I'd love to make X entries :D. (with some pointers from others).

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Posted 02 June 2005 - 08:31 AM

Read the "Why?" post in this same forum.