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Need Help - How To Run This Game The Best Way

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Posted 04 September 2008 - 02:31 PM

Hello everybody!

I remember that I never really played TFTD because of technical and bug problems.
Now I wanted to try again but I really cannot get all of the stuff posted here about "research bug", "CE Version", "Dos Version", "ET Version" and so on.
So I hope that there is someone here who can help me to get this game running the best way.

1. I dont know what kind of version I have. There seem to be three different versions. Mine is from a game magazine cover CD. How can I find out which one I have?

2. I just installed it from the CD. Seems to be unpatched because there is also the patch "tftdv2" on the CD (900kbyte). There seem to exist a v2 and a v2.1 version? Which one do I have to use? Whats the difference? :(

3. If I run "update" I am asked if I want to update the CD or the HD version? WTF I installed it from a CD on my HD. So what? ROFL

4. There is a lot of stuff like "Xcomutil" and "tftdet_2005_01_20". But I can't see whicht one is the most important, and best to use. Which one is a "must"?

5. The famous "research bug". In the FAQ it is mentioned that the best way the prevent the bug from occuring is the right "order". Where can I see this order? The link in the FAQ is dead (http://paralight.ru/xcom/)

So in the end the question is just: What do I have to do with a pure, new installation of TFTD to play it the best?

Thank you very much too everyone who can help me!! :) This game makes me crazy!

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