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TFTD Extender 1.061

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Posted 15 December 2012 - 05:12 PM

Version 1.061

New in this version :
  • Slow the Clock: Slow the passage of time in the Geoscape. The passage of time will match the option chosen in the right menu by the player but the clock will increment in smaller units at a faster rate.
  • Know Thy Enemy: Damage will be capped until the aliens' vital points have been discovered via autopsies. There is a small chance of a "lucky shot" that will bypass the cap for each successful hit.
  • Smaller Maps for both random Alien sub missions and Alien colony's stage 2.
  • Increased variety of aliens that guard or populate an alien colony.
  • Improved detectors to help aquanauts find those pesky aliens hiding under the beds or in the closets.
  • Revised P.W.T. ammo production requirements to reflect a logical correlation to each platform's weapon damage.
  • The game executable can now be specified in the [loader] section of the game's INI file.
  • Craft Gauss Cannon's maximum ammo increased to 100 and base rearm rate increase to 50 rounds per hour.
  • Base rearm rate for Ajax torpedoes increased to 2 rounds per hour.
  • 'Craft Always Ready' mod changed to 'Craft Ready State' with two options: =1 Always ready, =2 Damaged craft are grounded.
  • Option to modify the weapon selections for Aquatoids. Replaces the sonic cannon with a sonic rifle or pistol, depending on rank.
  • Option to reduce the area of effect for thermal shok bombs.

Currently available at StrategyCore Files Section

Click here to visit the Extender's UFOpaedia page with the full description of all fixes and options: http://www.ufopaedia...le=TFTDextender
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