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Super Sweet!

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#1 Tiruas



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Posted 22 June 2009 - 11:00 PM

AH haha...

one RL week in & i've got my first campaign bagged on SH

T'Leth is a reeeeally long mission :)

level 1 and 2 i used my Sonic Displacers as scouts (3 of them) and lost not a single unit...

level 3 it seems not so lucky, used the tanks to clear the first room, but then they are useless (as far as i could tell???)

DPL didn't seem to break down those doors :(

ANYWHO... admittedly T'Leth 3 was the only combat mission i ever played without saving (you can't LOL)

but i only lost 5 soldiers all in all & none of them were super soldiers

LOL! out of respect to my super soldiers i left them at home for the final meat grinding mission...

however... in retrospect this will NOT happen again LOL... they're going

anywho, thought i'd share my triumph!

now i'm going to start an "ironman" SH campaign (pray for me LOL)
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Posted 23 June 2009 - 07:32 AM

WOW... talk about the shortest game ever... lmao

Day 1 scrapped Barracuda 2, bought Triton 2... sent Triton 1 out on patrol.

Did some base management, bought new gear including torpedo SWS.

Europe (Mediterranean)

Day 1, UFO 1 - very small (Medi)
1 gill man & 1 casualty (sigh, dude had 60 bravery & alot of potential... but not anymore LOL)

after that i kinda just had my triton patrolling on top of my base.

Day 3 Triton 2 arrived, it takes over patrol. I check the ufo charts, and the indian ocean is going nuts.

so i send Triton 1 (with crew) over there.

Day 5, UFO 2 - small (indian ocean)
6 gill man, 0 casualty

Day 7, UFO 3 - small (mediterran)
5 aquatoid, 1 casualty

after this, all is well, i'm up to 50 scientists & things look to be rocking very soon.
i've got sonic pistols (on day 8) and clips are going, with rifle/clip, cannon/clip, & pulser all waiting in the wings...

indian ocean activity is picking up again so i send triton 1 & 2 out there to scan the area...

on day 9 while the tritons are sitting on awacs duty in the indian ocean, radar detects a very large UFO in the mediterranean

you guessed it... LOL

base attack & i only had 3 guys in my base, all rookies, 2 of which never left the base due to their 10 bravery (i would've just sold them, but they were "emergency fodder")

anyway, Turn 1 the only decent guy died poking his head out of his doorway. Turn 2 BOTH bravery 10 guys panic.

Turn 3, both panic. Turn 4, 1 of them got MC'd.

You can guess how it turned out.... LOL, my 2nd campaign is no more...
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Posted 24 June 2009 - 01:32 AM

All part of the fun. ;) Still, hang in there.

The silver lining here, of course, is that you lost the game early. Losing it mid way through or when you're well into the game is not a very nice experience at all on a really strict Ironman campaign.


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#4 Tiruas



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Posted 24 June 2009 - 07:55 AM

All part of the fun. ;) Still, hang in there.

Well Campaign 2 was an epic failure...

however, if you're interested Campaign 3 is underway & will have a play by play recap

mixed with cheesy humor & questioning my own intelligence :-)

should be fun!
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