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Xcom Apoc On Windows Xp Using Ms Virtual Pc 2004

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Posted 11 March 2008 - 03:07 PM

I managed to get Xcom Apoc running on XP Home using Microsoft Virtual PC 2004. It runs on my Asus eeePC (no optical drives, just one 4Gig internal flash memory drive and a SD card slot.

I'm not sure if anyone's posted about Microsoft Virtual PC before, but here's how I got mine running on the eeePC. The eeePC does not have a cdrom or dvd drive, so the instructions below deal with iso images.

Required -

Xcom Apoc disk (mine says "Xcom Apoc V1.00")

Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 - free download from:
Note - Virtual PC 2007 may or may not work.
Note - Virtual PC will run on XP home, it just issues a warning on install.

A Virtual Floppy Image (.vfd) of a Windows 95 Floppy Boot Disk. I had one, but you
may be able to get one from http://www.bootdisk.com/

Windows 95 Install CD (mine is version B OEM) with a license key
Note - windows 98 may work and may eliminate the need for the floppy, but
Xcom may have a problem running in a 98 virtual pc.

Alcohol 120 or some other way to create ISO images of cdroms.
Note - Nero did not work for me (two days wasted) but this could be user related.
Alcohol 120 free eval version works http://trial.alcohol-soft.com/

A computer that can convert your cdrom disks to iso files.

Basic idea -

create and run virtual windows 95 machine with one virtual hard drive
add virtual floppy to the windows 95 machine and use it to fdisk a dos partition and format c:
add virtual cdrom drive to the windows 95 machine and use it to install windows 95
install xcom from virtual cdrom drive onto windows 95 machine's c:
keep xcom virutal cd in the virtual cdrom drive and play xcom!

Process -

create d:\win95
copy your windows 95 floppy vfd file to d:\win95
copy your windows 95 install iso file to d:\win95
copy your xcom disk iso file to d:\win95

Install virtual pc 2004
Run it and click on new
browse to d:/win95/win95.vmc
choose windows 95 OS
set ram to 128 (worked for me - you could try other values)
select new virtual hard disk
browse to d:/win95/win95DriveC.vhd

start - you will get a message saying reboot and select proper boot device
select menu "floppy" - capture floppy disk image
browse to your d:\win95\FloppyImage.vfd
menu - action - reset
Note - when the mouse gets stuck in the virtual screen, use right alt key to free it.
Note - right alt key/enter to switch to/from full screen
virtual pc should boot from floppy and give you A:\

enable large disks = Y
1 - create dos partition
1 - primary
max size = y
let it finish
menu - action - reset
at A:\
format c:
let it format
menu - CD - capture ISO Image -
browse to d:\win95\yourWindow95.iso
Note - you can also use an external usb cdrom with your windows 95 disk

at C:\
mkdir cabs
cd cabs
copy d:\win95\*.cab
Note - I needed to save the cabs to the c drive because of some strange install
problem later - could be user related.
at D:\
setup options - compact worked for me
enter license key
don't select network adapter
install common components
no startup disk
when about to reboot, menu - floppy - release
My install goes wrong here and can no longer find d:
It asks for the disk to be put back in.
click ok, then browse to c:\cabs
install should continue
enter anything for the network info prompt
cancel printer install
cancel network password
menu - cd - release
shutdown windows 95 and exit virtual pc

browse to d:\win95 and make a backup copy of your virtual hard drive so that you
do not have to reinstall windows if the xcom install goes wrong.
restart virtual pc 2004 and your windows 95 virtual machine
menu - cd - capture
browse to d:\win95\yourXComApoc.iso
Note - again you can use an external usb cdrom drive and the real disk.
xcom pop-up screen should appear - click install
install minimal version to c:/xcoma
setup sound card - auto detect should work
exit and save
play - kill aliens, watch out for brain suckers, poppers and worms!

you can delete the floppy .vfd file, the windows 95 iso file and the backup copy
of the hard drive .vhd file. You need to keep the xcom iso file.

The idea came from:
He claims you have to install xcom apoc from a physical cdrom drive. I did not
have any problem using an iso. I tried a bunch of "No-disk" options and
various ways to mount an iso before I figured out my iso created with Nero was
the probem. Switching to Alcohol 120 worked right away. I've seen various references
to xcom apoc patches for display problems and no-disk fixes. I had no luck with
these, and in the end did not need them.

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