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About Psionics(sory , I Know, Wrong Forum)

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Posted 09 February 2005 - 03:24 AM

Here is a sketch on Psionic abilities

PSI Potentials 0-100
0 = tottaly immune to psionics and is psionicaly inert themselves

Humans 0-50
Normal Greys 25-50
Grey Highups 50-75
Normal Ethereals 80-90
Ethereal Highups 100-?Maybe 125?

Humans have access to 1 domain 99% of the time and 2 domains; 1%of the time
Greys have access to 2 domains 75% of the time and all 3; 25% of the time
Ethereals have access to all domains always

-Humans have 0 level skills in their chosen domain(s) from the get go.
-Depending on the skill, the raw Psi potential is the base for success
of activating one of the cascade abilities within a certain domain.
-Once they have successfully activated a particular skill that becomes
their primary skill.
-Humans may only have One primary skill within a domain
and one secondary skill.
-Level 1 in a given skill gives a +10% chance to the
activation per/use upto a maximum +5 or level 5
-Greys may have upto level 7, Ethereals 10
-Psionicaly talented humans that survive a psionic encounter
vs aliens recieve access to psychic defences at level 0 and
cap at level 7.5(or 75%) for mitigation purposes during
any type of tellempathic manipulation uppon them be it human
or alien. Ie Ethereal Leader uses "Brain Melt" or "insert your aliens offensive psychic talent being used against a human psycher here" against SSG Psirona and her level 7.5 "insert name of mental defence here".

X= Attacker Potential
Y= Defender Potential
if X is greater than Y then go to Z(or result)
if Y is greater than X then Z=0

Human Psionicist Skill chart example

Psi -38
Pool-38 points

Domains 1(tellemetabolic)

Tellemetabolic -38
Heightened senses-0
Heal self-0
Heal other-0
Various Physical stat boosts-0

Some talents would need to have an activation cost
and a maintenance cost that would allow a couple
rounds of use for something realy badass like
double MPs or an accuracy increase like, joschmo
psycher the sniperboy at 2 clicks goes into a trance
and accieves perfect aim on his intended targets head
with heavy sniper laser.
75 mp's cost for the shot and burns his pool to half
for one use.
Or, Psirona activates sense psionics and she
can scan the battlefield for those pesky collective
babblers muttering to themselves and gives her
team a slight bonus to initiative by feeling and
interpreting the enemies position and intent but
cant do much else herself having done so, and
burns up 10 points to activate, and costs 10
5 to maintain per combat round.

Mollecular alteration/manipulation

Sense Psionic activity
Psycho-tactile recollection

Heightened senses
Heal self
Heal other
Various Physical stat boosts Heightened senses

Lets face it. All creatures are to some degree, including plants, tellepathic
therefore we can call this the rudiments of Psionics.

In Terran creatures excluding humans, we know that dogs, cats, even
pet parrots exibit to one degree an invisible sensetivity to their masters
be they benevolent or not.The list goes on , whales, dolphins, octopus, etc etc.

Simply put, the Greys and Etherials tend to exibit a
much more thorough understanding and have
social infrastructure built uppon these talents.

Humans exibiting these talents are not as rare as one mite
immagine, and typicaly, are viewed with alot of fear
by close family and are punished for having a very stong
intuition at early ages out of fear by the parents.

Psionics is something different all together from what humans
have. Its a formalised , measured, tested domain by the
Greys and the Ethereals through many centuries of living
steeped in its application in their hive societies with the ability
to comment on it much more clearly thus opening the way to
greater understanding and application.

So, depending on what year you intend to have the setting
of this project take place and how deeply diversified and organised
the social fabric, the taboo may have been lifted somewhat enough
to allow humans to penetrate into this arena a bit more deeply
without thought of being punished for having done so.

Humans tend towards tellepathic and psychometabolic
talents. Ever hear the term psych yourself out? or that guy made
my skin crawl? Its not just over excitement by the athalete or
over warry of the pretty girl. These are real "vibes" generated in the
former instance and recieved in the latter.

Back to Greys and Ethereals, and how it all applies in making
it a stable aspect to gameplay.....

Full body controll would be extreemly taxing I suspect
even for a creature so tallented as a Grey or Ethereal.
It would require no action other than doing just that
and they would need to go through a series of checks
wich would result in an overall "chance" past the filter of
check of maybe say 20%and risk a chance at a backlash
by the target and in turn be themselves dominated
. You could then add varrying degrees to the success by
ading another cascade result at the end of
say 1-5. 1 being only able to halt the targeted human
4 being tottal controll and 5 being tottal and undetectable
manipulation over the course of several rounds untill
the time is right.

If you looked at the old school DND rules for psionic
engagements you would see the intelligence Gary Gygax
gave to his equations.Range, cost, duration, skill level
and aspecialy the offense and defense modes VS one another.

My feelings are this.....
If a human tellepath were to specialize in nothing
but Psychic Talents starting with a very high Psionic
Potential and a concrete teacher Id put them on
par with the average Grey Soldier but they will
have had to dedicate their lives to it where as a
Grey having lived with it, raised with it and taught
from birth basicaly, would be a capable combatant
outside of the psionic realm with guns and grenades

But what if a Grey were to do nothing but Psionic
training. This is what an Ethereal is. Its a grey gone
through some sort of metamorphosis and add
a little bit of secret society rituals and voilla. You have
the Ethereal Caste. Or Neromancer if you will.
These would be the types that make heads explode,
pannic within a radius and all that.
Ethereals shouldnt have been very combat able
because of this.

If humans are to be PSI talented then they shouldnt
be able to mount anything but a pistol and light armour
and maybe a medpack or scanner and a grenade or two.
Secondly they would need to be in line of sight, and lastly
they can do nothing that round other than the psionic activity
they are doing, in that round of combat.

This would make them vulnerable, and a high target priority
by the AI because Greys and Ethereals can sense psionic
humans activities because to them the noise of their
thoughts isnt a racuous cacophany in mid combat like
the grunts minds are, itd be closer the sound of an operah
singer belting out a high C twice above the staff at 105db
in the middle of a meditation hall(or collective conciousness of
the Greys/Ehtereals).

They would know where and who was makin that rackett and would
either want to capture that human and disect them after throroughly
probing their psyche to the depths , or blast them on sight.
ie Human Psionics pull huge agro....so.. with that in mind, your
psycher is gonna be dusted if they dont have a
man portable shield gen on them from the getgo.

I know I didnt present this info to yall in the most organised of ways
but I did want to point out that it IS a very workable aspect
and ANY improvement to the old Xcom system is a HUGE one
in terms of game play and ballance.

Just remember, psionics dont have to be all out making the enemy
bleed from their orrafices and screem clutching at their temples.
They can do suble things, like make one squaddie calm the F down or break a
dominated soldier out of his trance and back to earth, or
throw up psychic stattic so the enemy cant pinpoint your exact
position by their thoughts alone.

And lastly I apologise for posting this here but
Im not a member to the area I read this and
wanted to add my two plasma clips.

Hope to see you all successfull in this endeavor.




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Posted 09 February 2005 - 09:06 AM

Wow, Shoe$, it's obvious you've invested a good amount of time thinking this up! Your ideas would really play up the psi aspect of the game, and your thoughts into psi mechanics are fascinating. Currently, psi powers in V1 (version 1) are more-or-less decided on- they're the same as in the original X-Com, as far as I know. However, ideas for future versions (V2+) are discussed at great length in the Laboratories. For instance, this post would be better in: The Laboratories->After V1 Basescape Labs->X-Lab: Soldier Skills

The fellows over there, I'm sure, would be more than happy to discuss your ideas in great detail!

FYI, to make this easier to understand, it might help to list the domains you're talking about near the beginning. I had to hunt through your post to figure out what you were referring to. :)

Well, keep up with the creativity and welcome to the boards!


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Posted 09 February 2005 - 10:53 AM

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Posted 10 February 2005 - 12:08 PM

Will Do , and well met.

Ill just paste it to that forums current runing thread if you like
and erase this one.

Thanks for your compliments Asty~