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#1 GDD



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Posted 19 July 2004 - 03:23 PM

Right its abit more complex than I first thought

I've got to heavy plasma, decoder and flying suits, just scouting the game

though I have probs with money :hammer: , I just want it easy

LOL and yes btw I'm on the basic setting and still find it hard LOL

#2 ticklemeozmo



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Posted 19 July 2004 - 08:02 PM

Well, you might wish to try making items just for sale. Early in the game (and every user on the forums will give you a different answer for this) you should try to mass produce either Medi-kits or Laser Rifles for sale. You pay your engineers by the month, so if they aren't making you money by making you items, the are costing you a lot.

Otherwise, make sure you attack every ship and be careful. UFO Power Sources go for tons of cash. And you probably won't need all those Alloys. Really, do you need 34 Sectoid corpses? Most items picked up that you've researched can be sold. Alien Entertainment, Alien Food, etc...

Difficulting setting affects only the reaction of aliens to your attack (higher difficulting setting, more likely that aliens will not ignore you shooting down your UFOs and attempt more missions to Earth) and armor on aliens (I think).

#3 GDD



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Posted 20 July 2004 - 03:08 PM

hum well yes I have read one of the many "bibles".... hehe seeling stuff etc is a good money maker...

I prefer the blasting aliens bit, prefer them to go down with one shot also:P

#4 Paladin



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Posted 22 July 2004 - 06:56 AM

I definitely build Motion scanners for profit, then I switch to Laser cannons when I have the tech... Why, because they're the highest profit-makers that don't cost Elirium or alloys!! :idea:

Here's an extract from Kuo-Sheng (Kasey) Chang's UFO Strategy Guide :
UFO Strategy Guide
The last number is the one you'll have to consider, it's the monthly profit you gain if 100 engineers work on that item nonstop, you'll need to consider what raw materials you'll be willing to sacrifice on it... :happybanana:

        Recently, we at the XCOM Business Institute (our motto: "If it's
        worth doing, it's worth analyzing to death") spent all last
        night to bring you the following table.  The basic assumption is
        that you are willing to support engineers long-term in order to
        make a profit.  I calculated results for a hypothetical 2
        workshop operation. You would get slightly better results with
        larger facilities, due to the economy of scale.

        [some numbers are rounded to the nearest 1000 (K) for space]

                           Work  Eng  Raw            Sale       Unit|Monthly|Net
      Item              Space Hrs  Material   Cost Price   P R O F I T
      Motion Scanner    4     220     -      34K   45K  11K 3765K 1275K
      Medikit                4     420     -      28K   46K  18K 3146K  656K
      Psi Amp              4     500    1E      160K  194K  29K 4242K 1752K
      Personal Armor   12   800     4A      22K   54K    6K   491K     -
      Power Suit          16   1000  5E+5A  42K   85K    -    -      -
      Flying Suit          16   1400 16E+5A  58K  115K    -    -      -
      Alien Alloys        10     100    -         3K    6K   3K 2343K    3K
      Elerium 115        -      -     -       -     5K    -    -      -
      Laser Pistol         2     300    -       8K   20K  12K 2916K  376K
      Laser Rifle          3     400    -      2K0   36K  16K 3049K  534K
      Heavy Laser        4     700    -      32K   61K  29K 2958K  468K
      Plasma Pistol       3     600     1A    56K   84K  21K 2586K   71K
      Plasma Pistol Clip 4      60  1E        2K    4K    -    -      -
      Plasma Rifle        4     820     1A    88K  126K  32K 2787K  297K
      Plasma Rifle Clip  4      80  2E        3K    6K    -    -      -
      Heavy Plasma      4    1000     1A   122K  171K  43K 3078K  588K
      Heavy Plasma Clip 4      80  3E        6K    9K    -    -      -
      Blaster Launcher   5    1200     1A    9K0  144K  47K 2797K  332K
      Blaster Bomb       3     220  3E        8K   17K    -    -      -
      Small Launcher     3     900     1A    78K  120K  35K 2846K  331K
      Stun Bomb          2     200  1E        7K   15K   3K 1166K     -
      Alien Grenade      2     200  2E        6K   14K    -    -      -
      Mind Probe          4    1200  1E      262K  304K  37K 2202K     -
      UFO Power Source 22  1400 16E+5A   130K  250K   7K  310K     -
      UFO Navigation    18    1600     3A   150K   80K    -    -      -
      Fusion Ball L'cher 6     400     1A   242K  281K  39K 6836K 4396K
      Fusion Ball          6     600  4E       28K   53K   5K  617K     -
      Laser Cannon      6     300    -     182K  211K  29K 6760K 4320K
      Plasma Beam      8     500 15E      226K  267K    -    -      -
      Tank/Laser Cannon 25    1200    -     500K  594K  94K 4371K 2406K
      Hovertank/Plasma  30    1200 30E+5A   850K  980K    -    -      -
      Hovertank/Launcher30    1400 25E+8A   900K 1043K    -    -      -
      HWP Fusion Bomb   25     400  5E+8A    15K   31K    -    -      -

        First six columns are just basic information from my version of
        XCOM. (Note:  I have seen posts stating that UFO has higher sale
        prices for some items, notably armor!)  The 'Unit Profit' column
        is sale price minus cost, minus the cost of any E-115/Alloy used
        in manufacture.  A '-' means a net loss, no further analysis.
        'Monthly Profit' column is based on an "XCOM Month" of 24*31 =
        744 hours. The calculation is number of engineers that fit in
        two workshops times 744 times unit profit, divided by the hours
        required to make one item.  For example, the monthly profit for
        Motion Scanners is 96*744*11600/220 = 1275993 (1275K).

        The 'Net Profit' column is the bottom line.  Monthly expenses
        are the salaries of as many engineers as fit in the workshops
        times $50K, plus the maintenance on 2 workshops and 2 living

        As you can see, Fusion Ball Launchers are the winner, narrowly
        edging out Laser Cannons.  A profit can be made early in the
        game on motion scanners, however.

        One final note:  It costs roughly $7M to hire engineers and
        build the facilities, so you'll need to 'borrow' some money
        (preferably from alien supply ships :) to get started.


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