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Posted 08 August 2006 - 02:32 AM

Well Ive seen some discussions of a shotgun and I think that would be a brilliant thing to have especially when you set your men up to attack a harvesters entrance and thers two little buggers waiting for you...
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Well thats just a thought and I will post tht in the shotgun topic aswell, but thts not what this one is for...

I was thinking yesterday when I found this website, how about some sort of scoped weapon system, hehe posh name for a sniper rifle ^^. It would be good if (only for human and laser weapons) to have a guy with a sniper just sit on the roof of a building and have a single shot per turn (takes up a lot of TUs) with quite high power and increased accuracy? Well I say high power but its not for plasma technology for some reason like "The projectile could not be put in a practical sniper form...." or maybe plasma sniper is a good idea but costs a lot :idea: ... somfin like this...
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or this (its a new gun)
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or My personal favourite...being British:
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Posted 08 August 2006 - 07:27 AM

the M82 would definitely be awesome, but the problem is once you get in a spot, you can fire off its entire clip in under 20 seconds with pretty high accuracy... don't have the video of it right now though

You might wanna go with the M24 because its small enough caliber that it won't be essentially a one shot one kill bullet, unlike the .50 cals which would pretty much explode sectoids, floaters, snakemen, and probably etherials instantly
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