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UFO 2000 is dead.

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Posted 26 September 2014 - 04:04 PM

I haven't played this game in about a year and a half and its pretty safe to say that it's dead.  For the most part I have had issues with the game using Windows 7, there is no sound.  I thought it was an issue with the sound driver on the computer that I was using then but I built a new PC and same issue with the computer with no sound.  At this point now the game hasn't been updated in 2 years and the main server appears to be down and it looks like it has been that way for quiet several months now.   I remember back in the day a few years ago you could jump in the server and always find a game. I would like to throw a special thanks to Serge and the other programmers out there.  A few special players come in mind such as Fuel (Netherlands) who contributed to the 7K rule and revolutionized warfare, always a hard player to beat.  Fomka from Estonia another great player, Matal from Poland/Russia who had over a 1000 games or so played,  Duke from Czech Republic, Hobbes from Portugal, and a good friend from Spain named Ivan, I am sure there was a lot of other players out there who I failed to name but these are the few that come to mind.  Hopefully there is a major update to this game perhaps and we could play again but since its free and the programmers do not get paid, I am not sure if this happening again.  Feel free to stop by the Facebook page called "Ufo 2000".    Nice playing this game for several years.

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Posted 18 July 2015 - 10:32 AM

Well, not really dead. More like hibernating. And posting a thread with this headline doesn't really help that.


About your sound-problems: I don't have any on my Win 7 x64. Even on Win 10 it runs well (I just checked with build 9926 preview). So if there's a problem with sound, I have to ask: Do you have the vanilla-files (those from original x-com) installed as well? If not, most of the sounds are simply not available, as they are taken from vanilla-files. Same goes for current linux. I'm using it on current Ubuntu 14.04 x64. Except for a little sluggish mouse, it runs just fine.


As for servers down: Not any more. ufo2000.net-server is online and people are playing. There's even another one, atm: ufo2000.openxcom.com:2000. But you are right about one thing: There have been better times, regarding number of players. But denigrating the game most likely won't help that. Best thing at this point, one can do, is connecting to the server and wait (at least half an hour). Otherwise, with this negative attitude of yours, only few people connect, most of them won't find an opponent and as a result, matches are played rather rarely. But  still people succeed, as the server status page proves. So it's up to everybody interested in the game, to get it kicking again. Simply try playing it. Kind of use it or loose it. You will find opponents sooner of later. But not if you already give up, because of nobody is at the server, right when you connect to it.


And for updates: Yes, that's a part I really don't like, either, or to be precise, the lack of people in charge. It seems, none of the devs still care, except maybe serge and he seems to be too busy. I even tried to get into the devs mailinglist, which apparently isn't possible, as the maintainer of it doesn't respond any more. If one could change that, I'd appreciate it. I'm even thinking about trying to improve my c++-skills to contribute a litte to it.

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