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Humans Take The Lead In The First Stage Of War

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Posted 20 April 2009 - 03:46 PM


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Fomka's WAR reports
Aliens exist!

This week revealed the truth: aliens exist. I have observed how they battled 4-men squads in deserts, forests, mountains, etc. Soldiers were sent to investigate rumors of aliens attacking outlying settlements.

That rumors were proved to be true with more than 10 human corpses: burned with plasma beams, teared apart with fusion explosions, horribly sliced with plasma blades. They are also proven with 24 aliens' corpses retrieved by brave soldiers from 8 encounters.

Corpses? Explosions? You may ask what if the aliens, who came with peace, were only defending from unprovoked attacks? I tell you that they definitely came for WAR: in my first alien encounter I saw them to bear weapons most like Earth rifles. First shots were from our side, however they did not retreat as scientific minds would do -- they IMMEDIATELY stroke back!

Unlucky aliens, I must say, for what I've seen from 10 battles -- the score is 8:2 in our favour. Our defenders are stronger, faster and more accurate than that small big-headed gray aliens we encounters. Our weapons are quite effective against the enemy and the smoke grenades have no analog in aliens weaponry. As for the heroes names -- let them stay unknown to public for obvious security reasons.

How many human lives will be terminated by that alien threat? What do aliens want from us? Where they came from? The future will show.

Fomka the WAR reporter.
Sunday, 1st week of WAR.

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