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Cruise Ship Guide

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#1 testarossa


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Posted 23 May 2006 - 11:56 PM

So I've been hearing a few, and by a few I mean TONS! of complaints about the difficulties of finding the last alien on the cruise ship missions. I personally really enjoy these missions, and now you can too. I've created a rough guide of final hiding spots and ones that you may have just missed. See the various explanations for each location below.

*these are by no means concrete, and they can fluctuate around these areas. For example I recommend checking every closet on your way down the cabins. If I have missed any you feel are particularly important let me know and I'll revise.

Posted Image

*sorry the numbering got thrown off for a few.

Alien Locations:

1. This one is pretty obvious but if you're new to TFTD or just in a big rush you can miss this one, especially if the alien there is unarmed, otherwise you'd be toasted by now. SO ALWAYS check here first otherwise you can end up at the other end of the map with the alien relaxing right behind your ship.
2. An alien can sometimes be found in the middle cubby, though don't be too quick with the grenades as a civ will be there 1/2 of the time.
3. This spot I didn't know about until I was shot in the back one game, In any case you can pass this alien up easily. This is not a spot where an alien will lock up in position however.
4. The kitchen has plenty of nooks and crannies where an alien can be completely hidden unless you are in the right locations, and many a time I have just walked right past them. Make sure to check this area well.
5. There are three spots where an alien can appear in the Freezer, and this is a really dangerous spot. I prefer to blow the walls of with a pulser at the corners, as illustrated, to check.
6. This closet in particular seems to always have an alien hiding in it, although really any closet along this row can. Just check them all and you will save yourself a ton of aggravation.
7. This room or any of the surrounding ones can sometimes contain a alien, so just remember to check them.
8. This is another one of those closets where I feel aliens appear more often then not.
9. On the very top deck an alien can every now and then get stuck in this little bedroom leading you to go crazy searching every spot on deck but this one.
10. An alien can sometimes appear behind that little cross on the top deck but again don't be too quick with a grenade as sometimes an civ can be back there.
11. This one I just threw in there from vague memories of vast searching, and ending up in this room, it doesn't happen to often but it's worth checking if you've exhausted all else.

Points of Interest

10. (again) The left row of closets never seems to be as populated as the right, in fact I can only remember finding an alien in that room where the line is pointing, and none of the others. I could be wrong about this and correct me if I am.

11. The invisible barrier, not only do I not recommend searching the freezer without knocking down walls, you actually can't. There is some sort of barrier here keeping you from entering even when you can still open the door (seems like an omen to me)

12. I have encountered one alien here, in all of my cruise ships missions, and I'm really not sure whether he spawned there or not. I have seen a few civs there as well, but seems strange to me. If you are on turn #134 you might as well check.

Well that should do it, do a little more investigating beforehand and you won't have to do all the backtracking, and keep an eye out for these spots. Try these missions more often, I actually look forward to them :). Feel free to revise it on your own as well.

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#2 Negator



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Posted 24 May 2006 - 05:59 AM

Great work !

I too enjoy the upper decks of these ships

When will we be getting a map of the lower ones, they're the ones I don't like LOL

#3 testarossa


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Posted 24 May 2006 - 10:17 AM

Thanks Negator! You have trouble finding the last one on the bottom floors? I can definately make a map for that too :). I don't think there are nearly as many spots that aliens freeze up in the lower levels, but it does happen.

I've actually had lower levels, where I didn't make it out of the first room and all the aliens came to me =b.

#4 Negator



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Posted 25 May 2006 - 05:17 AM

I've actually had lower levels, where I didn't make it out of the first room and all the aliens came to me  =b.


I've sort of had the same thing, because I was playing Ironman and took too many casualties coming out of the first room. I killed a couple of aliens and scarpered :P

#5 Aiki-Knight



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Posted 26 March 2007 - 09:51 PM

Thank you! I think I'll print that one out!

#6 Kereminde



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Posted 22 April 2008 - 02:14 PM

A note:

I encountered that "bug" with the freezer on a recent mission. NOBODY could enter the freezer, look in, anything. UNTIL I tried to blow open an exterior wall, then suddenly it was easy. Still couldn't find the last alien though . . . had to gather things into the sub and dustoff.