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Some More Sounds

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#1 kelargo



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Posted 18 March 2006 - 10:02 AM

I'm sending some more sounds.
I'll send it out in two different emails.
The sample sources are attibuted to that free sound
web site. These zip samples are big... around 8 meg
each. I was able to email them to Red Knight.
Not able to attach. I can try splitting them later today
and posting them.

The first one is what I call "charater movement"
Its foot falls. There's a variety of foot falls.
Some real and some synthetic. Some on snow, sand and a
hard surface room. I think some would apply to a
flying suit and mind control like actions.

I made to sub folders in character movement.
One for Cadence samples, which is just an overall
sample of the sounds with several foot steps.
and a folder with single step sounds.
I used a specific naming scheme to keep track of
the samples. The Candence sample ends in a number,
that same number is the first number for the corresponding
sample in the single_sample filder. The second number
is just one sample in the series.

The thought I have here is a character model can be
loaded with a bunch of samples and everytime a foot
step touches the ground a random sample can get
played, to provide variety and not be repetitive.

I think the original version just had a cadence sample
that played back for movement which changed pitch when
a characters speed was changed. I didnt like that
aspect of the original game.

The second copllection of sounds are what I labled
"character reactions".

This is a collection of screams for human male,
female, and alien. Each has a major number for the
series and a minor number to provide variety in that
series. The minor version has changes in pitch and such to
make different.

All of the samples are labled by number. I didnt
try and classify them. I just tried to make lots of
sounds to help inspire the battlescape development!
The number scheme I used is flexible so sounds can be
added and interchanged as needed.

Still needed is the task of assigning the sounds to
specific game character models.

Enjoy, Kelargo

#2 red knight

red knight

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Posted 19 March 2006 - 02:51 PM

All of them has already been uploaded to the SVN Server.

Red Knight
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