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Dosbox Help Please

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Posted 12 December 2005 - 09:57 PM

okay i been running throw everything to get his game running once again well no luck now i am goign to dosbox but LOL i on't now what i am doing could someoen point out step by step for me to get this game running useing dosbox please

#2 Yawgm0th



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Posted 13 December 2005 - 12:42 AM

UFO Defense/Enemy Unknown, right?
Open up DOSBOX. Type "mount c C:\" without quotes (and everything else I tell you to type will be without quotes. Change C to the appropriate drive letter if you won't be installing it to the C:\ drive.

Type "mount d [CD drive letter] D:\"
Type "D:"
Type "hdinst.bat"
Go through the installation. Just use the defaults. I suppose it might improve the sounds if you go with a 16-bit Soundblaster, which worked fine for me.
After the installation is done, type "C:"
Type "cd mps\ufo\" if you used the default directory.
Type "ufo"
That should get you into the game. You'll want to overclock the emulated CPU by pressing ctrl+F12. Do it until the game runs well or you get choppy sound. If you get choppy sound, restart DOSBOX and X-Com. This time, press Ctrl+F8 to have the program skip frames, then increase the clock speed again. If you have a relatively modern machine, you should be able to get the game running smoothly without skipping too many frames.

Every time you want run the game, do the following:
Type "mount c C:\" again, assuming you chose the C:\ drive for the game
Type "cd mps\ufo\"
Type "ufo"
Press Ctrl+F12 and Ctrl+F8 until ou tihnk the game is smooth.
Press alt+enter to put DOSBOX in full screen mode.

Unless I got a command wrong or something, that should do it.