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Posted 25 December 2003 - 10:21 AM

Here is an updated style guideline, contact Breunor or Drewid with any questions:

The first point to make regarding the style of the game is that Xenocide is inspired by X-Com, not a remake of it. Therefore, we are looking to make items similar enough to what was in the original that players can say, "Hey is that a X from X-Com? Yup, it sure is!" But it can't be so similar that the copyright holders say, "Hey, are they using intellectual property from our software?" That's the main reason everything will have different names, and it also allows artists some flexibility in their concepts.

Human Tech
The human tech at the start of the game should be ultra modern military items that are currently in use or could be in production in the next couple of years. For the items that don't exist in real life, they should look like they could exist with minor stretches of the imagination. Prototype designs that won't see real use for decades shouldn't be considered, we are looking at what a country's military might be using in 5-10 years.

Then as we progress through the tech tree the alien influence should become more visible but human items should remain looking like they are feasible ideas that 'could' work on a battlefield. Look for the Alien Alloy sheen thread to get an idea of what items that take alien alloys to make will look like; we will be including this sheen effect on top of the texture for the item. When we get to the level of power armor and flight armor we are touching on fantasy elements, but the design should still remain based on realistic concepts.

Alien tech.

It should be sleek, polished, almost organic in look and style. This is where the background storyline comes into play, backing up the artistic direction and style of alien tech and where the influence for the iridium sheen comes from. As alien tech doesn't really change throughout the game it should be easier to work concepts up. Everything made from alien alloys will have the iridescent sheen.

UFOs and big stuff like alien base items need to be worked out as well, but as they are mostly designed around the tactical aspect rather than purely aesthetic and should be left until later. While the components and various artistic aspects for the UFOs can be designed, the overall floor plans will be designs afterwards based on making an interesting challenge.

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