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X-com 3D Comic

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Sgt Jones


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Posted 12 April 2010 - 01:15 PM

First an introduction

I am a 3d animator/video editor and video compositor. My hobby is creating 3D CGI videos etc... However I have become doing a lot of paid/unpaid work by doing 3D comics. Basically a normal comic but using CGI instead of pen/hand drawn pictures. I have been a big fan of x-com and originally had the first game when it was released on the amiga. I was at the time a young teenager and i killed weeks at a time on that and i still play it now (except i cant get it working on vista x64bit even with the patches) I find that x-com and terror from the deep were so immersive and had such a huge replayability factor that they really could wipe the floor with these modern games. The kids today may argue that the clunky pixellated graphics of x-com wont stand up to games like modern warfare 2, however while modern day games take years to make, i will still be developing laser weapons in x-com while you have played, completed and returned Modern warfare 2. Graphics and flashy up to date gimmiks of games really dont hold a torch to a classic (nearly 20 year old) low graphic type game like x-com.

now on topic
I am in the middle of a paid project at the moment but i may decide in the near future to devote my time to creating a 3D comic based on the original x-com. I want to put a storyline into why x-com was formed, who works there, the "suits" in charge, have characters for the scientists and engineers so they aren't just numbers like the game shows and the new naieve soldiers called in to work for them. I planned to have the story start here at 2010 and continue on to the year 2012 the alleged date of the end of the world. Dos anyone think it sounds like a good idea and without selling or causing a copyright issue would anyone who has links to the creators or current owners be interested in endorsing/buying the rights to the comic?

Now in case you are thinking im just a silly teenager (im not) who has a half assed idea with a crappy result, then why not read one of my 3D comics and you can see the type of quality you can expect from my work

Download and view (pdf format)

http://video-fx-univ.....nflic new.pdf

there is violence and profanity so beware

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Posted 12 April 2010 - 03:56 PM

I can't even run most modern games, so I hear ya! :)

My only suggestion for you Xcom comic is to drop the "rookie meets the evil monsters for the first time" angle. Either start with seasoned SAS/Marines/whatever, or cut to the chase. I'd personally prefer that. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure the current owners (Firaxis?) would do something with the brand if they were interested in something like a 3D comic. Again, IMHO.

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Posted 13 April 2010 - 12:11 AM

There are many ways to to tell the story too. Most X-Com stories seem to focus on the grand scale - and concentrate on the war and whatnot or through the commander's eyes. You could do something different and tell the story from a smaller perspective. For example by one of the staff members. Soldier, tech, support crew (janitors, mechanic, medics, cooks, etc) or through the eyes of one of their children. But it's your story, so it can be done any way you want.

As for the copyright issues - I've thought about this for my own purposes, and I think the answer is to derive rather than to use the original creative assets.

For example, if I drew a guy in personal armour, I'd add my own touches by first simplifying the suit down to its essence and start adding bits and pieces of my own. The main objective in the end is to create something that X-Com fans can look at it and say "yes, that's a guy in personal armour" even though it is not quite the same. Just an idea to consider.

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