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So, there is 100% NO chance to play interceptor on Win7 w/o virtualisa

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#1 Istrebitel



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Posted 20 August 2010 - 08:22 AM

This forum looks deserted and i didnt seem to find anything on the topic.
Dont wanna buy something i cant use, so, maybe someone had experience with getting X-COM 4 play on win7 (got corporative edition in case anyone needs to know that)

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Posted 20 August 2010 - 04:40 PM

You can try this dubious XP fix from some russian site (be sure to check for viruses, haven't tested it since I don't have interceptor anymore!): http://www.old-games...load/1277.html#. I heard of it from this thread: http://forums.steamp...w...3444&page=2, it should fix the data jammer probe bug so it may not help you but it's worth a try.

In case anyone wonders, the patch is 100% working (w/o patch i had -0.0 distance to the probe on win7, with patch i loaded the save and saw the probe normally and downed it). It is hosted on a russian site old-games.ru

You need the bottom file, the "785.38 Kb" one. Click in the column to the right of the size, enter confirmation code, then the link will appear, called [http <russian text>]

The "patch" is indeed a hacked executable. Unfortunately it seems to be a 1.0 version of executable, but i guess, you can do the following:
- play on 1.2
- when you need to down a probe, switch to 1.0 hacked to do the mission then switch back to 1.2

edit: ah, you haven't got it yet, well don't buy it thinking this patch might work. You should look around in the steam forums for experiences. http://forums.steamp...splay.php?f=225

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#3 Istrebitel



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Posted 21 August 2010 - 02:39 AM

Well, actually, i still have my "pirate" version i bought like 10 years ago (dont blame me for piracy, until lately, it has been close to IMPOSSIBLE to buy legal game CD in russia, because 90% of cd's sold in shops were illegal copies... well, actually, they were not, because Russia isnt in WTO yet so the rights on intellectual property do not span across our country, meaning, legally, X-Com belongs to nobody in Russia).

That was actually me posting, i found this fix on rus site yesterday, yes it 100% works, but still, this game isnt worth it :(
- You cant play it "Ironman" style, because its too random, and against serious opponents, your wingmen either die out all at once, or somehow manage, you cant control that
- The balance is screwed. On Veteran its too easy once you know how to fight (and if you know how to capture enemy saucer w/o pulsar, and can be arsed to do it every mission, cos its very boring). On Genius it starts easy and then BAM, 8 medium 3 large on your base, your 5 (still initial) fighters are screwed, best they manage is downing one-two before they're dead. Superhuman i havent attempted...
- The controls are screwed. You cannot play with joystick (there is too much drift, impossible to aim), playing with mouse is constant striking mouse mat because your mouse goes off the mat, Thrust control is insane, you cannot hold button for thrust, you have to tap it
- The radar is close to useless, maneuvering is close to useless since all enemies seem to 100% accurately shoot "in advance" of you
- Worst, your death means loose of mission automatically, your wingmen cannot continue w/o you. Even if enemy base is at 1%, mission falied, restart...
- And you cannot accept defeats because, to buy additional fighter to replace what you lost you have to wait alot, and you cannot stock "in advance" alot because at start you dont have that money
- Weapon targeting is screwed, weapon shots do not fly at crosshair but to the left/right, meaning you cannot effectively use more than one weapon at range/ two weapons at close.
- Building bases is extremely tedious, it takes years to cover the map, years of building "proxy" bases you will dismantle

One serious thing i love about the game is the soundtrack, and the manner it is made. Each combat song consists of five 4-second chunks of "action" and five chunks of "interlude", that are randomly looped, producing a music that never becomes boring, since its never the same. Moreover, each time something happens (enemy dies, wingman dies,...) there is additional random "chunk" played, good, very good, bad or very bad. This unfortunately makes this music impossible to listen to in player unless you mix something from it...

PS: But i can confirm that hacked exe 100% works and you can kill probes (didnt have a chance at outpost yet, and dont think i'll try) with hacked exe while you cannot with normal exe.

PSS: And come on, drop the stereotypes, "if its russian site care for viruses", american, or german, or english, or whatever sites are infected with viruses as well... We're not in the cold war state anymore, dude!

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#4 chiasaur11



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Posted 26 August 2010 - 01:31 AM

My Steam copy launched fine on 7.

No idea if it's univeral, but there you go.

#5 Istrebitel



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Posted 30 August 2010 - 05:34 AM

Yeah but you wont see the jammer probes on the missions unless you use that cracked exe... or do you actually see them with your steam copy?

I'm talking single player, not instant action mode.

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