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Ufo2000 Weapon Stats

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Posted 11 December 2004 - 01:30 PM

I got bored and did up a table of all the weapons in UFO2000.

Sure there's already a spreadsheet somewhere for this, but my list has something special.

I don't know if this is already common knowledge, but in my games I realised that because weapon shot costs are rounded down, at certain TU values for a soldier, a weapon will get more (or less) shots than it usually does.

Specifically, the laser rifle can fire only 2 auto shots with a trooper with 50 + (any multiple of 3) TUs.

So, a trooper with 52 TUs can fire 3 auto shots and have 1 TU left (17.68 rounded down. 17x3 = 51).

A trooper with 53 TUs can only fire 2 auto shots and will have 17 TUs left (18.02 per shot. 18x3 = 54, which is 1 more than the trooper's TUs).

In the attached excel workbook, there's a sheet to calculate the exact number of shots for a trooper with any TU value for a weapon requiring any % of TUs to fire.

The weapon fire modes that have anomalies are marked with comments. Namely, the pistol snap fire and the laser rifle's auto fire.

In a nutshell, when using Laser Rifles, don't give the trooper 80 TUs, give him 79.

This can be viewed as a bug, it can be taken as strategy. It wouldn't take much to change the weapons so that these anomalies do not exist (make the laser rifle take 33% TUs to autofire), but depending on your perspective, that may be removing a valid strategy for the game.

My point of view is that since players can easily rig soldier health so that shooting them leaves a tiny fraction of health left (Power suit trooper with 61 health will take 2 plasma rifle shots and have 1 hp left), it is a valid strategy and should be left in.

EDIT: Oops, this probably should go to the other forum

Edited again: Updated file to have a column with auto fire hit chance (chance to score at least one hit with an auto shot). Note: All columns will update dynamically when any value is changed, but the auto fire hit chance value was generated using a macro. You will have to run the "thinger" macro again if you wish to have updated numbers.

Update 12Dec: Added a # of shots required to kill XX hp soldier column and a % of TUs required for kill. This column shows how many shots it'll take to kill a soldier with any given amount of HP. Also modified the weighted efficiency column to make more sense. From these stats you can see that at point blank range against power suits, the laser rifle is the most effective weapon, cutting down the target in only 34% TUs. Corrected an error in the plasma pistol stats, cost is lower now.

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Posted 11 December 2004 - 11:22 PM

Actually, could someone post the exact formula used to calculate hit chance? I've looked at the source code for the shoot method but I understood precisely dick.

I figure that it takes the weapon's base accuracy, modified by the soldier's accuracy and reduced by range. If a number is rolled below that or something then the shot is precisely on target (but still may be stopped by terrain). If it misses then the game calculates a random deviation based on how much it missed by?

Also, based on my calculations here's some recommended HP values.

Power suit trooper: 61
Takes three plasma rifle shots instead of two

Personal armour: 71
Takes three laser rifle shots instead of two
Takes two heavy plasma shots instead of one
Will survive a large rocket hit

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Posted 12 December 2004 - 11:21 PM

Good work. I have been looking at your table and finding all interesting things concerning the weapons. I had already calculated the 61 health limit for power suits to allow them to survive two frontal plasma rifles and a lot of people use the laser rifles for close combat for ages. You can get statistical confirmation of why people use so much the plasma rifles. A 90% hit chance for autofire isn't to be taken lightly :)

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Posted 22 June 2005 - 09:45 PM

Well I've been gone a long time but I'm back. I've updated this to be current with the latest development version. Please refer to original post. On second thoughts, silly me, i'll jsut post the new ones in the proper forum.

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