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Posted 10 September 2003 - 09:21 AM


As a formal announcement, we're asking that the various concept threads for the aliens focus more on posting concepts right now, rather than requesting tweaks to other artist's concepts. Rather than taking each concept and tweaking it as it comes in, let's leave it up to the artist to present their idea, and if you'd prefer a change to it, either modify the posted image to show what you mean (and that becomes another concept), or PM the artist about getting the files if that would make it easier to do. Some threads have lots of posts with tiny tweaks to essentially the same concept pic, which makes the content very cyclic.

According to the GNU General Public License (GPL), the images, sound, animations, creative text, or other materials, once developed on or submitted to the Xenocide forums, Xenocide member upload ftp site, or Xenocide email accounts, becomes the property and is copyrighted by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). The FSF then gives Project Xenocide the right to alter any of these materials. Therefore, once anything falls within any of the above categories, any other person is legally allowed to tweak and alter any of the concepts that other's create, so long as a notice is left with the concept relating the fact that it is protected under the GNU GPL. Basicly anything that is not code is free and every product that can be treated as a derived product (if you use those) have to be free. On the code side, we use the LGPL, because if a third party wants to improve on the code and help us for their own (and of course ours) benefit they are allowed to do so. For instance if someone wants to use the game engine to do a commercial game (upon improving into it) they are allowed by law to do so, however none of the art can be used (not even textures) unless the product is free...

Remember, we are still only seeking concepts for most of the creative text and especially images for Xenocide, and as such, almost nothing is final and most objects are open for tweaking and vote further down the road. The method for voting and final decision of the concepts that will be included in Xenocide v1.0 will be announced at a later time.

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