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Police report (Game log)

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Posted 15 September 2011 - 08:12 PM

Police report.

Jan 1, 1999: Opened a new police HQ. Situated on the far north of Africa, to patrol Europe and Asia, on advice of prior chief: If you are situated where the outlaws attack, they will eventually attack you. Advised to ignore most actions in North Africa to protect HQ.

General plan (?): Wait for incident reports to arrive (hmm, have to check the graphs manually ... where's the idiot responsible for notification of these phone calls?), and then dispatch a patrol car. General orders for patrol car: Look around for any outlaws fleeing a crime scene. Force the outlaws to the side of the road, and then arrest them. Hmm. Sounds simple; too simple. Whoever wrote this plan hasn't done this much. Ahh, this sounds good: Standard squad is a two man police team, with a rocket car. Rocket car? A car with rocket engines? Oh, no, a car with a rocket launcher. Strong armor, should stop bullets, as well as attracting fire from those outlaws. Ahh. Now that's a plan.

Wait a second ... Two man police teams, trying to arrest large gangs? Cars that stop bullets? This sounds like a B-move cop buddy team. And those guys are always losing their partner, and having to train a new one. And I've only got 8 officers?

Feb 1, 1999: As expected, we had about one casualty per arrest. Several of them got away. The one that was a capture, well, frankly, this new semi-automated car worked much better than expected. After both officers were killed, it parked itself facing the enemy hideout, and as the outlaws came out, it fired rockets at them.

Slowly. With its bad reactions. Still managed to take out all of them -- they were very poor shots. Destroyed most of the evidence, but a few items were still found inside. I'd like to saw we booked them, but all we booked were the corpses.

Feb 3, 1999: With just three officers left, some terrorists are attacking Rome, at night. No warnings on the outlaw graph, they just showed up. Quick retrofit of the car -- removed the rocket launcher and semi-automated driver, and sent the three officers. Well, actually, we had some luck -- scientist guys came up with what they called a "super soldier serum" -- supposed to make them into unstoppable supermen. Downside is that they won't remember any of it the next day, so no experience gain. Took a bunch of heavy firepower -- auto-fire grenade launcher and firelighter, lots of grenades and heavy explosives, etc. Plus some stun rods to knock out the civilians, to protect them from the terrorists.

I need to talk to those scientists. "Unstoppable supermen". One triple blast from the first flying suited terrorists and the first of my three officers is down. Those big furry attack animals, supposed to be easily brought down by fire, just charge even with the autofire fireballs. And the autofire grenade launchers are pathetic -- I think normal grenades are better, and I'm certain that the high explosives are.

Awaiting the next report from my remaining men.

So begins a new game, on middle difficulty. The "real" armor of reapers (ha! must have gotten unlucky :-) is a lot nastier than the half armor of beginner, and big surprise -- floaters can actually aim sometimes. I do think I set myself too big of a challenge -- teams of two men and one tank is just too small. But then, 14 man teams is just too big.

But seriously, a tank managing to get multiple reaction fire shots off, to finish off the sectoids after turn 20's "leave the UFO"? Without being hit once?

Definitely not used to seeing two reapers on a terror wave even before I'm out of the ship, let alone having someone shoot me in the rear of the ship while I'm waiting for the smoke to clear.

Advice, please: I'm used to deploying a smoke grenade turn 1 to provide cover as I come out of the ship. But autofire incendiary/HE and smoke cover results in normal xcom troops about to collapse. What's a better way to open a combat when you're facing both increased numbers of enemies as well as tougher enemies?

The other "improvement" in game play: No radar. I like the idea of stealth ships, but not the idea of undetectable ships. So, catching them in flight is fair game.

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Posted 15 September 2011 - 11:41 PM

The best advice I can give is to not bother with incendiary rounds for fighting reapers. They may take more damage from incendiary, but incendiary damage is weird and does fixed but small amounts of damage per hit. Then there's the unusual side effects for all units standing in fire or smoke that get inflicted per incendiary 'pop', all units in fire suffer health damage while X-Com units in smoke get stunned.

AC-HE rounds fare much better vs. Reapers and kill them almost instantly. Grenades, proximity mines (target the north-western corner) and high explosives also work a treat on them.


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Posted 19 September 2011 - 11:21 AM

I would put down ( not throw ) dye grenade inside of skyranger
do not use front soldier but with 2nd or 3rd row one

as for shooting incendiaries ... well ... in general I would use laser rifles :D


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Posted 19 September 2011 - 11:21 AM

I would put down ( not throw ) dye grenade inside of skyranger
do not do it using front soldier but with use 2nd or 3rd 'liners'

as for shooting incendiaries ... well ... in general I would use laser rifles :D


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