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Squad Cohesion And Mental Breakdown

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Posted 07 July 2004 - 09:32 PM

I'm new here, so feel free to delete or move as you see fit. I do like the idea of a modernized UFO Defense, and I have a few thoughts on how to improve X-COM's already engrossing combat system. Both would serve to make the system more dramatic and realistic.

Soldiers ought to develop some sort of squad cohesion--soldiers that have completed many missions together would form lasting bonds that increase their effectiveness when working together as a unit, and it would be good to see that implemented in some way in Xenocide. After going through dozens of missions with the same group of guys/gals, one would think that whenever that group was together, some bonuses could apply. Certainly morale would improve, but perhaps less obvious factors such as reactions and bravery could also be affected, because a squad with a great degree of familiarity working together it seems would just be overall superior to a squad composed of strangers. So a group of soldiers that have been through a lot together would get some sort of bonus when working with members of that group in the future. How that would work exactly, I don't know. :)

If you're giong to have that advantage, there ought to be a disadvantage as well, of course. And I think a good one to include would be an emotiona/mental breaking point for soldiers. Someone else on this forum mentioned how different things such as wounds, terrorists and the like would affect morale, and I think if a soldier experienced a number of horrifying or terrible things, some serious mental damage might result. It could work more or less like health does, in a way. If one were seriously damaged mentally, it could be like 'wounded' status in UFO, and there could also perhaps be a form of mental trauma so serious that the soldier effectively 'dies' in that he/she no longer can go on combat missions. Something like watching a chrysalid zmobify your best pal would have a pretty nasty effect, or being mind controlled, etc., and it seems there ought to be a way to reflect that mental trauma in a similar way to the physical trauma.

I dunno, what do you think? :) I always liked the drama of the battles, and of losing soldiers that are near and dear to you, and this could add some extra wrinkles.

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Posted 08 July 2004 - 12:13 AM

I agree with the first part. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything more right off hand, but I agree :P

The second part, I also agree. In another thread we were talking about special personalities or abilities that soldiers had (Eagle Eyes and such) and we also mentioned some bad things. This would go quite nicely with that. I still suggest having a training center... perhaps better said as a mental ward that helped deal with the emotional and mental problems soldiers get in the field...