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The Hopeless Game

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Posted 17 July 2004 - 03:32 PM

Week 2
-4 Hovercar
-12 Hoverbike
-1 Valkerie
Enemies:Lifetree under alien control, enemies w/ Cult
Difficulty:second easiest

The Cult attacked me with 5 Hovercars (wimps). My bikes and cars were easily able to destroy them, but my Valkerie (returning from a mission) got in the way, and was targeted by all hostiles. Two laser bolts and 3 Janitors swept towards my craft, which was carrying 6 of my best agents. My own vehicles opened fire as well, but several missiles hit my Valkerie :stupid: . Another round of the Cult's weapons destroyed it. That's when their cars were decimated by my forces. Yet, they still managed to damage 2 of my cars (dont ask how). Wouldn't you know it. . .half a game hour later, 2 Transporters and 4 Type 4's appeared at opposite ends of the city. I sent my vehicles out to intercept them, but my cars were cannon-fodder for their Fast Attack craft. I was able to take down a Trans and a Type 4, but in the process lost 5 bikes :crying: . Amidst the chaos, the second Trans was calmly dropped troops in the SpacePort. After sending a squad of agents there, Lifetree attacked my base(who knew a school would have sec guards? :huh?: ). I only had 1 Sec Station at my access lift, and they came thru the VR Bay. Only 3 agents remained @ base. My scientists? Well, let's just leave it at the fact that lab coats don't repel laser beams. I finally routed them, but lost 4 researchers. I never found out how my squad did in the spaceport. . .the aliens attacked again. a trans, 2 scouts, 3 fast attacks. . .so much for the rest of my fleet. then my base went ka-poo-ie. . .i never had a chance to fight back.
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