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SND - USELESS - Alien & Geos Music

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#1 chrisp_21



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Posted 20 July 2003 - 11:12 PM

Hello fellow xenociders. I may have been absent from the forums for
awhile, but I've been busy coming up with music ideas. First off,
here is a fairly complete concept that I had in mind for Alien Base
& Cydonia missions:


It is very experimental for me, but I think it may work well..

And.. here is a VERY early concept for the Geoscape. I was planning
to make this a four movement piece. Sort of in the style of a classical
symphony, but (of course) shorter, and with a modern style. I think
that may help keep it interesting during those long nights of playing
Xenocide. ;) This first part is melodic ambient. Not sure what the future
will bring for the rest. It will take a long time to complete, so I just wanted
to throw this out and see what everyone thinks before I go through all
of the trouble. Keep in mind it is just the (incomplete) first part and will vary..



#2 chrisp_21



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Posted 20 July 2003 - 11:37 PM

Just realized..

That the Geoscape track is not the full version. It didn't save
the midi for some reason.. I'm fixing it... :/

#3 miceless



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Posted 21 July 2003 - 12:00 AM

I like the Alien Stronghold one. It has a 'were walking around in a strange place, we have no idea what this all is, there are strange noises and something could jump out and shoot at us at any time' feel to it. Im not sure how one would go about implementing it, but it would work well if some more dramatic music would come on when shots get fired or aliens get spotted. :whatwhat:

As for the second one, its good too. It doesnt sound too Geoscapy to me, it sounds more like it should be in the base view, or maybe on the X-Net. Also (and im not sure how to descrive this exactly) the 'da da da, da da da' noises in the background seem to merge with the rest of the piece a little too much. You might have meant to do that, but could you sharpen them up a bit and make them a bit more distinct. Am i making any sense? :huh?:

Just my penny's worth. :D Good work! :master:

Edited by miceless, 21 July 2003 - 12:01 AM.

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#4 chrisp_21



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Posted 21 July 2003 - 12:43 AM

OK, the Geoscape (Shattered Earth) concept is fixed. The piano
section was left out. Stupid Sonar... Again the piano part has
some problems too. It's work in progress. :)

Thanks for the feedback miceless!

And your answeres are.. :)
In the original X-Com, the geoscape music played through all screens.
This included base view and ufo-pedia. Or at least.. if it changed it
wasn't by much. I was under the assumption that the Geoscape
music would play through this. IMHO it would really mess with the
flow if everytime you went to base view or X-net a new song would
start up. I think it would be better to play through it.

For the background noise.. Good ears!! Yes that is a flaw caused
by Fruityloops. I don't have any FL version with Piano Roll, so it messes
up when I use virtual synths. What you are hearing is a prolonged
sustain. So when one chord plays, the previous one or two or three
are still sustaining. Unfortunately I have no way of fixing this at this
time. And uh I don't want to mess up my existing FL license. LOL
Oh well.. can't use Absynth in Sonar so I dunno..

#5 chrisp_21



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Posted 24 July 2003 - 12:01 AM

I decided to scrap this Geoscape concept. Might work better in another
part of the game. Doesn't seem to work. :boohoo:

Any feedback on the Alien Base music would be appreciated. I would
rather make any major changes now than a few weeks/months/years