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Max Patch V20050328;fatal Scientst Data Corruption

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Posted 12 February 2006 - 07:57 AM


I'm running CE version of Enemy Unknown on XP, with Max patch v2005_03_28. Everything was going fine until I transfered scientists to use the good old salary exploit (what can I say....that last UFO didn't yield nearly enough sellable goods!). Process was as follows:

Base A - 100 Scientists; Base B - 0 Scientists; Base C - 0 Scientists

Transfer 50 scientists from A to B and transfer 50 from A to C. Everything OK

Then transfer 50 scientists from B back to A - this is where everything goes HORRIBLY wrong :(

As soon as the transfer is initiated from Base B, the Transfer screen shows quantity on hand at A as -50. At that point, Base information for Base A shows scientists as 65,486:0. If you then try to research a subject, even though 0 scientists are available, Quantity Available is shown as -150 and you can assign upto 100 scientists to the project.

BUT when the tranferred scientists actually arrive at A, Base information then shows scientists as 0:0 and the research screen shows no scientists are available to assign. Basically, they've become lost :( :(

I assume that the above is associated with the patch enhancement to "allocate all scientist by decrease zero quantity" (although, interestingly enough, engineers seem to transfer OK even though they have the same enhancement).

Several other people also seem to have had this problem so IS THERE A FIX????

If there is no fix, beware....basically, it seems that any attempt to transfer scientists back to a base after transferring them out of it, will corrupt your base scientists data. The only saving grace is that your scientists seem to work OK in the new base, it's just shifting them back which seems to cause the problems.

Was this a sneaky attempt to kill the salary exploit? I don't particularly mind if it was but it would have been nice to know (I've now got to waste a month building my guys a new lab - thank gawd, I'd finished researching most of the needed topics before this all kicked off)

All feedback/help appreciated.


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Posted 25 February 2006 - 05:01 PM

I have the exact same problem. Any info on this?

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