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Xcom Ce Crashes At Battlescape?

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Posted 18 March 2006 - 02:53 PM

Hi folks,

I've been elsewhere for 3 months, but wanted to give XCOM another whirl. Specifically, to try XCOM CE... I had installed this shortly before stopping, 3 months ago, and gave it a quick whirl (geoscape) and it worked.

Now that I dig deeper, I find that it CTDs if I try to enter battlescape (start a ground combat). This is if a try a "brand new" battlescape by starting a New game in CE, or if I try loading an old battlescape copied over from my DOS XCOM version that I had otherwise been playing.

When it crashes, it leaves up the little blank CE loader window. One time, the loader window said "error with MISSDAT" (or something like that) but on subsequent CTDs, there is no error message there.

Any ideas anyone? (Should I try a clean install of some other XCOM CE version, like max's CE ET?)

Thanks if you can help!


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