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Is Editor Prohibiting Ability To Throw?

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Posted 27 December 2006 - 09:24 PM

I'm well into the game, and have fought tons of battles. I can use all weapons EXCEPT anything that is thrown. That is anything from a flare or basic grenade on up. I choose the object, click THROW, and the little blue banner shows up on my curser signifying TARGET. The problem is, no matter WHERE I place the target cursor, I get the display OUT OF RANGE, even though I move the cursor right next to me. I can't throw in personal armor, or even a flying suit. I'm wondering if somehow the editor I'm using has messed me up. It is Chris Voss's saved game editor ver 2.5. I haven't noticed anything else odd......

Oh yeah, My soldiers were initially set at 155 for throwing accuracy, but in thinking the editor might have set the rating too high, I lowered some rating to about 70, but still no luck. HAs this happened to anyone else? (I didn't see any such topics here or in the battlescape section), or am I just stupid?

Thanks in advance!

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Posted 28 December 2006 - 12:11 AM

Throwing distance is controlled by strength. So the stronger your soldier, the further you can throw. Also, the stronger you are, the higher the arc of the throw. Its the throwing height that's stumping your soldiers.

Much like floors above you or the Skyranger's wings, the battlescape has an invisible ceiling which stops objects from going any further. For a a superhumanly strong soldier, the arc of the throw will intersect the ceiling, and this is what's stopping the throw from being performed.

The solution is to keep strength within the valid ranges of 10 - 70. For the player, strength only controls throwing distance and carrying capacity. You'll rarely ever go past 70 units of weight with the way the weapons in X-Com are set up, and a strength level of 70 can allow normal grenades to clear a huge chunk of a 50x50 map (half that for high explosives).

Throwing accuracy only controls how accurate the item will land where you want it. Considering the nature of grenades, it's not that important. ;)


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