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xcsedit & xcsswap

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Posted 18 March 2012 - 11:11 AM

hi all

I happily share 2 of my ( very ) old editors for ufo and terror
both are Win9x applications and will NOT work under DOS environment
( no DosBox, sorry )

both are just save editors, they are simple and useful ( at least to me :D )
their main purpose is to reduce pointless soldier micro-managing
( tedious and repeatable things, like sacking psi-useless or poor stat soldiers )

xcsedit is most useful for:
- MASSIVE updating and especially sacking of soldiers ( ie. after first psi training )
- after mission stat-strings update, which can be repeated
( it recognizes previous stat-strings, even additional chars like '--', '-', '+, '++' )
- sorting by rank and mission count if rank is the same
( so rookies/veterans comes first, it is selectable )
- healing wounded soldiers ( ressurection not available )
- modification of stats include: psi/mc strength, psi/mc skill, firing accuracy and reactions
( most important stats anyway ... I am judge dread here LOL )

side note:
armor STAYS with soldiers
so don't blame me, if you sacked soldiers with armor ^_^

stat-strings are configurable ( 1 or 2 chars only! )
via simple config file, which you can edit for your needs ( default will be created if none exist )
config also save your last choices, so you don't have to click on everything again and again
( unlike XCom, it remembers your ... 'equipment' choices B) )

xcsswap is a very simple program that does only two things
- swaps 2 soldiers in their slots ( and position in a initial deployment )
- reorder slots ( which I found is useful sometimes )
searching for empty slots and other useful functionality included

both are self explanatory ( and a simple howto is build-in )
I tested them, and they works on:
Win9x, WinXP and Wine ( PLD 1.0 )

<tech info>
before dynamic library smart-ies tear me apart ( for ... 'big size' ^_^ )
have you installed in your system, borland c++ builder 3.0 run time libraries?
yep, thats why I statically linked them to avoid *.bpl and *.vcl madness
</tech info>

have fun

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