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Story of an XCOM alternate universe : year 13

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Posted 27 April 2012 - 01:06 AM

I had no plans to ever write about XCOM. I'm in one of those weird moods. Cool!
I hope it entertains!
This universe assumes that the aliens have a sneakier force, so that the citizens were always
kept in the dark about the existence of them, even after XCOM made a few half hearted (and thwarted) attempts at revealing the aliens to the world. This handy informational packet would be left in certain locations worldwide, a short time after XCOM makes enough for a lot of people.

X-COM Secret War : The 13th year

It's an unusually hot day today. What's going on lately ? What a world.
You walk around a little. You find a black case. It's closed. You open it up and a page falls out.
Typed in faint ink on it is :

I'm typing this up as a quick summary. This message should come with a pack of basic supplies that
will assist you in dealing with certain aliens more effectively than using hand weapons. DO NOT OPEN
THE RED CONTAINER ! REPEAT : DO NOT OPEN RED CONTAINER ! Separate instructions are burned onto it.
The instructions vary by world region. By now it's likely the internet is usually shut down,
but keep trying every day.Find the network centers in your area. Take them back.
If there are no instructions or they are incomprehensible, find
a complete pack like this one or discard the red container in the nearest water source, then run.
Beleive us, it's better than the alternative.

Most of what's left of x-com is around two dozen always half destroyed buildings
constantly changing location. Our bases are spread rougly equidistant around the planet.
It's the best we can do because all major population centers have been crawling with imposters
for nearly 5 years. We have been trying to encourage renewable energy sources for home use.
We can camoflague them fairly well in remote locations and collect the charged batteries by hiring natives.
So far we have managed to get steady access to more useful power, but those others will be useful during emergencies.
We have needed to limit our base to base communications and change our method of message passing often.
The aliens have controlled hyper-wave transmissions for more than 2 years, so we can only risk using
those channels in dire emergencies in which we have no sensitive information to transmit.

Scientists and engineers are hard to come by. So many old men have been killed or captured,
it is now an uncommon thing for our organization to be able to find a capable, available candidate.
The vast majority of students are discouraged from beginning education at all due to culture
subversion. Those that get through are disabled indefinitely or killed by chance opportunities
just normal enough to seem fun. Aliens usually use powerful chemicals disguised as medicines,
manufacturd in pharmaceutical companies under alien control. We have manage to put a very effective block in the methods they were planning before - various of their excretions and some new virus-like strains. But, keep a look out for anything resembling this. The alien enemy is now very skilled at impersonating people.
They post lookouts anywhere that anyone might be who might be valuable to us.
Social organizations, hospitals, schools, psychiatry, government, entertainment industry. Now, they even dominate
most managerial positions of small businesses, as well as high stakes stock trading and the rest of the monetary system.
No place is safe and if we can't implant our suggestive material to the extent that we can be sure that
we can find trustworthy new hires, the aliens often do before us. We can't risk knocking on people's
doors. It signals our interest to the aliens and they would eliminate the candidate within a week if
the candidate refused initially.

Remember all the natural disasters? Elaborate cover for some alien
operations you probably wouldn't beleive if I took the next ten pages to explain.
You've probably noticed by now how that your area seems to be dwindling in activity and there are plenty of homes. Everyone moves away, they say. Don't go looking for them, they're all dead. If you go looking, you won't find any place different from your area , except possibly worse. We have lost most of our veterans
from the start of the war around July 1998, for instance Anatoly Korkia, who without we would
certainly all be dead right now.
Maybe his mind couldn't stop thinking of an old girlfriend back home from his years as a younger man.
Some things are just too much to bare between lonely soldiers, in a war like there has
never been before. There has been no time for romance. Hardly a pleasant hug and kiss for most of us these 13 years!

But what good news can I give you?
Check the alien type diagram ©. Target the marked points with whatever high caliber
hand weapons you have. If the alien type doesn't have an exoskeleton, use whatever gasoline you
have left to burn them, or detach your area's power lines and set traps. Prefer survival over air conditioning. Get creative with whatever you have in your garage or closet. Test it extensively. Check for rust, check all electrical connections and for leaks. You won't have to show up for work anymore. Enter the enclosed codes (page 2) into any ATM to keep yourself going. Just don't do it when anyone's around. Never visit the same bank twice. If you see any robotic 'things' near banks and you watch them all leave, mark the area with enough bright paint such that it can be seen from satellite photography. Think google maps. Don't hang around long. Don't go back until the paint is gone, or you're dead.

When you go out looking for these things, if the alien is armed (and you see them first) then
don't bother, because it's likely a squad on a specific task that doesn't involve you. If you happen to
have triple the number of capable people than a squad of theirs, and enough weapons (of their type),
in these times we can't suggest pacifism. Before you attack, prepare several kits of this type. Leave them in areas like the one
that you found this one in. Be aware of what your people are doing at all times.
If you are in a metropolitan area, you have probably noticed the riot! Take a close look using the equipement we have
given you and you'll notice our forces guiding the movements periodically, though unbeknowst to anyone.
We can't afford to work directly with you. We can't compromise our secret locations. Keep trying and when
we can, we'll contact your area. The siren will wake you up, don't bother staying awake for us.
Go outside quickly and listen for instructions.

What you're probably better suited for is dealing with the unarmed ones. They are likely lookouts or are on specific subversion tasks.
Especially good targets are the one's you'll see coming from out of town, unarmed and apparently
looking for authority figures. They won't be expecting attacks. The ones who are posted are probably
lookouts. Just make certain you watch the other lookouts who associate with them at other times of the day
so that you can get rid of as many as possible at once, and avoid detection.

Use whatever you find valuable here. Remember that they change their methods often. Doubt your thoughts,
and know your friends very well. If you smell a lie, keep asking. They can't hold up pretenses for long.
If your friend has green blood, check around for the yellow spheroids on page 3.

Their tendrils seem to be everywhere, it's part of some kind of worldwide psychic mega nexus that is almost entirely
intangible. Thankfully it isn't finished yet and we're discovering more about it every day.
So don't break the helmets, whatever you do! DO NOT BREAK OR REMOVE HELMET!
Sleep with them on, unconsciousness won't save you.

(End of the page)

In the heavy black case there are two more pages as described, a pistol looking device, two black cubical chunks, a rather dated looking handheld computer with a keypad on it that's attached to some wires and probes , various syringes and medical related instructions inside the computer's compartment, a booklet "IDENTIFICATION OF ALIEN CRAFT AND WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU SEE THEM", a gasmask with a huge crystal looking thing on its forehead strap, pouches - "Rations", "Detox Rations" , a booklet "How to make and use detox rations", a handwritten page titled "Plasma Pistol maintenance and use" , a page titled "how to tap power lines without dying", a burst packet labelled "Plasma Pistol lubricant", some soot and greasy substances.