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Loot and 2-part ship attacks

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Posted 02 March 2014 - 01:24 AM

I just had my first two-part mission, and it seems that you don't get the loot from the first half.

Is that correct?


If so, I may need to change my tactics to maximize profits.

Such as equiping GC-HE and being liberal with the grenades in the first half, then switching to mostly non-explosive weapons in the second to maximize booty.


Also, if the last alien has dropped his weapon and is cowering in a corner, should I have one aquanaught keep a gun trained on him, while everone else goes around picking up everything they can to the point of being overloaded (and tossing some stuff for the guard to hold onto) so that I maximize the loot I get at the end of the next stage?

Once I get to the next stage, the first few rounds I'd throw all that unnecessary junk on the ground.


Do I have to worry about losing the expensive gear left behind in the sub?

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Posted 02 March 2014 - 02:10 AM

Are you playing the dos version of the game and have you installed the v2 patch? That fixes this bug.


With the v2.0 patch, stunned aliens in the first part will still die between the sections but all equipment on the ground in the first part will be recovered assuming you wiped out of all the enemies. With colony missions, if you go to the next part by aborting with aquanauts on the exit area, you will only keep whatever is left on the floor of the sub.


In both instances, to actually bring all the stuff home from the first part, you need need to either win or abort the second half part of the mission.


If you want to check which version you have, just start a new game and recover an alien sub. If you got a magnetic navigation unit from the sub and can research it right away, then your games is patched to v2.0 and you shouldn't have to worry about the 2-parter equipment bug. If you have to research a Lobsterman navigator just to get it, then the game isn't patched. The steam release should have its dos version patched up to v2.0 already, while the CE version that's also included with it is v2.0 by default.


XComutil has a "fix" for it too, but it actually makes a new bug out of it by stripping your ammo off your aquanauts when they get to the next part. I've seen a number of TFTD Let's Play series on Youtube with the T'Leth mission getting a bit mangled because of it. Not much good when your aquanauts are running around with no ammo. :D


Also yes, in the unpatched game, you  will lose items left in the sub when you move to the second part of the mission, so you need to make sure you are carrying everything on you.



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Posted 02 March 2014 - 08:24 AM

I have the Windows 9x CD version, and I couldn't find a patch. Everything said that version was already patched. I was basing the lack of loot on the missing live calcinite I stunned in the first part.

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