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Posted 18 January 2005 - 07:11 AM

Nov 20, 2005 - Progress Release 728
Patch Installer:

Oct 05, 2005 - Progress Release 705
Patch Installer:

Aug 28, 2005 - Progress Release 653
Progress Release 653 is now available.
With this release is the introduction of a patch installer. If you have already downloaded and installed Progress Release 638, you can try the patch installer. The patch installer is less than 500KB, compared with 23MB for the full download. Please note that the patch installer is new and may have some problems in it. Notably, please ensure that the install path in the installer matches the location that Progress Release 638 was installed at.

Full Installer:

Patch Installer:
http://www.projectxe....update.653.exe (Executable)

Aug 9, 2005 - Progress Release 638
Progress Release 638 is now available.


Apr 18, 2005 - Progress Release 489
Progress Release 489 is now available.


Coming Soon.

Mar 12, 2005 - Progress Release 431
Progress Release 431 is now available.



Feb 15, 2005 - Progress Release 399
The latest progress release is available for download via BitTorrent and SourceForge.



If you do not have a BitTorrent client, we suggest using Azureus, available here.

Jan 18, 2005 - Progress Release 388
The Xenocide Development Team is very proud to present the current Progress Release Build 388. A year has passed since the last release, we are using a new game engine named Ogre that has far more features that what we had with the Xenocide Engine so development has been easier from that, however the change took more time than expected.

Those that had downloaded the Pre-Alpha 0.0.4 will notice things that are not implemented like Music, and other stuff but that is expected to be released in the next iteration. We are committed to release in a 3 to 4 week period what we have instead of accomplish X or Y features so everybody can check the advance of the project.

Our latest progress build is available for download using both a standalone client that downloads the file from a BitTorrent file or if you have a BitTorrent Client as Azureus you can download it using it.

BitTorrent download:
http://projectxenoci...ase.388.torrent (torrent only)
http://projectxenoci...388.torrent.exe (self-contained client)

Regular download (via SourceForge):

Take in mind that we are figuring out how to accomplish an incremental update procedure using BitTorrent so for the update versions you should learn how to use it ;).

Enjoy the release. And dont forget that if you feel that you can help Project Xenocide but dont know how, we have a very dedicated team that will help you to get started.

Red Knight

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