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Transferring Between Bases

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Posted 18 April 2004 - 07:47 AM

Thinking about it, I was wondering how we could think of ideas to make the tranfers a little less artificial and more realisitic. (I indeed don't like the guy who comes in and has several scientists and soldiers in his luggage ;) What about this... ?

Transferring "goods" are physically located on the map, that is you can see them moving. You don't just get a "will arrive in X hours" - they are on their way. ;)

Thus alien ships could (?) spot them. An seize them? (yuk!!!)

We could be given to choose how the transfer occurs:
- either use a standard parcel delivering company (for goods), thus taking the risk of being discovered "publically", at leat if you claim the goods back
- or use an XCOM transporter (more expensive?)
... there may not be enough to it to implement it. Well, ok, maybe someone will find something better? ;)


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Posted 18 April 2004 - 11:28 AM

I have thought about this, it is similar to Interceptor. It would be a good idea to implement this.

In Interceptor, you see the freighters, and you could pay for escorts, as the aliens could (and would) try to blow them up. Of course, this was only when you buy/build things, not in transfers IIRC, but same principle. In addition, if the aliens did attack your ships, then you had the option to defend them. If they had escorts then you had more time to get there. Of course, they may survive (esp on easier levels) but you took a score hit if you refuse to defend it.

I think we should have a similar system, with escorts as well, which cost 10% of cargo (like interceptor). I don't think we should have performance hits though, because losing the cargo is bad enough.

Maybe we could tie this in with buying from different sources?
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