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Best way to deal with lobstermen is to avoid them?

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Posted 05 January 2012 - 06:43 PM

I still have the game 9though admit bit lazy to play it on PSX) there are several alien races in the game that are tough but that's due to the size of the map in my opinion, with the alien colonies to take into consideration. Tentaculat I don't think are that bad, theyr are around corners but I always find playing the waiting game pays off, securing a isolated area and wait for a few to come in and use reactions to kill them off. Some cases its a bit more complicated but i think their manageale. I also think their flying is their undoing given the wasted TU's moving up and down when not needed.

Bio-drones I find tough, small and accurate where death is more or less likely but thankfully i don't come across them much.

However lobstermen are the issue I have, they just eat and eat up my ammo and find myself depleted on zrbite fast. The amount of times i had 3 to 4 characters run and shoot at one lobsterman across two rooms or even 3 and more when lob man is joined by his friends is amazing, even absurd, in the end I was forced to do the manufacturing cheat to ensure I can build new amm on without useing up zrbite.

It left me thinking though, what if Lobstermen are best saved till you gain psi skills to panic/MC them? Lobstermen just seem too tough to deal with in regards of conventional means, actually they are an expensive enemy for that matter. I'm sure you can destroy the command of the colony without having to tackle lobstermen head on, but if Psi is the best way to deal with lobstermen then what is the quickest tech route to making it so?
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Posted 06 January 2012 - 05:26 AM

Quickest is to get a Deep One as early as you can for the MC Lab then grab a Tasoth at your next earliest opportunity. That would be to raid the first level of a colony.

Lobstermen are going to be a very commonplace enemy as you go along, so you may as well find some way to take them down efficiently. There other weak points are melee weapons. Thermal tazers knock them out very quickly and they just fall to the drills.

Do you have a good supply of shok bombs? These knock them out cold fast. Have an aquanaut armed with a thermal shok launcher and a good supply of shok bombs. Kneel and attack from long range. Arm another aquanaut with a Gas Cannon and HE rounds, or just use sonic pulsers, to finish off the stunned lobstermen. You may want to retrieve the ammo or move the body before doing this though.

It's also a good idea to have any of your reserve troops operate an MC reader to check the stats of any lobsterman you spot. This can help you decide which target to concentrate on, and whether or not it is capable of fighting back. If morale is down, it's probably panicking as well during its turn, which is a good sign.

Beyond that, aim your sonic cannon shots and use fire teams of 2 ~ 3 aquanauts per lobsterman. Take it slow and let them rush to you - they seem to have a particularly bad habit of wearing themselves out by running all over the place when they are on patrol.

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Posted 06 January 2012 - 04:02 PM

early on
only Thermal Tazers are efficient ( use granades to kill stunned Lobsters )
Gas Cannons ( HE ) do only few damage ( as do Torpedo Launchers )
Gauss Rifles ... next to none

later on
- Vibroblades/Thermic Lances, Tazers ( for close combat )
- Disruptor Pulse Launchers, Thermal Shock Launchers, Sonic Cannons ( for ranged combat )

and of course MC ( which beats everything )

I think you will find those 3 links useful: