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Posted 31 August 2003 - 07:53 AM

That could work, maybe that could be an overall selection. Like if u select 2 snipers and 2 HW operatives their stats are biased towards their strengths and weaknesses, but still random. That is possible and could be a nice improvement rather than renaming them urself ( which I always did personally ). So u could say that u want a Sniper, and they will on average have better accuracy but there is the chance that the Heavy Weapons expert could have better accuracy.

#52 Fimbul



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Posted 01 September 2003 - 01:13 AM

Also, why would it need to be near the elevator? Wouldn't the xcom base designers realize that aliens could get in the elevator?

Why? If nothing realy work in your base without this facility, so you have to build it early in a new base or you have to wait untill the base will work. Maybe not next to the elevator but realy near to it. It depends how many days it needs to build if its as long as a Hangar needs or even longer then you will it build early or wait.

So it will be if the base building is the same model like in ufo1.

I hope you understand me and my poor english. :spank:

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Posted 01 September 2003 - 06:32 PM

I think that YOU should select who gets to be a sniper based on the chars vital statistics and the more you use them in that role, the more their stats that are an asset to what they do will climb. Ie. You give one guy a sniper rifle because he has a high rifle rating. The more you use the rifle, the more his rifle skills increase. Likewise, you give a guy a heavy cannon based on his high level of TU's and strength. The more you use the cannon, the more his cannon skills and strength increases. Having an edittable roster would be good at any rate, so you can make notes beside the names of certain agents so you can keep track of them.

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Posted 01 September 2003 - 07:15 PM

I don't think it's a good idea to require the base have an administration center to function. The X-Com base is a small scall operation, typically less than 200 personnel. Although it could be a setback for them to have a central office get destroyed, I doubt it would bring that few people to a grinding halt. We're talking about a difficult people management job in that kind of situation, but heck, I've had a third that many troops under my direct control before and I didn't even use a computer to keep track of them.

I can't imagine such an organization would be without several redundant forms of backup communications and some kind of offsite records. Even though it's secretive, this a multi-national, highly funded, military operation we're talking about. I can't possibly conceive that someone would run such a chickenshit outfit that if a few computers and filing cabinets get taken out they're completely cut off from reinforcement and resupply. It defies common sense. Not to put too fine a point on it. :D

Now, I could see some advantages to having something like that; maybe you can only pick and choose who you hire when you get the office, or perhaps you get some kind of comparison shopping advantage in your resupply, because those kind of things do take some organization. I could also see some communications plusses (though the X-Corps units, being the cream of the elite they are, are probably capable of being effective while out on their own to a large degree). Communications systems aren't small things when it comes to the military, but nowadays everythings done with general computers, cellphones (or Iridium Sat phones, which go anywhere in the world), and is less reliant on the gigantic mil-spec one-purpose-only beasts of the cold war era. So maybe a central office gives you some kind of organizational or operational bonus, but with that small of a unit I don't see it being terribly large.

The one level I could see something like that being essential on is linking all the bases together. There has to be some kind of link - fiber lines and sattelite uplinks don't just grow out of your standard workstation, after all. I recall a lot of talk earlier about research and manufacturing being compounded by having multiple bases working on the same thing. That might be a good feature for a command center.

It's true, on a large scale, taking out a centralized command and control facility can really ruin your army's day. But with such a small operation, I think we're close enough to ground level that subordinate leaders can work out the kinks if it gets taken out.

#55 Breunor


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Posted 02 September 2003 - 08:09 AM

The idea of an admin facility as well as specialized stats has been discussed before, here was the general ideas for them:

Admin facility: Either as a seperate facility, or a modified access lift which includes basic admin rooms off to the side. It would include paperwork offices for supllies and hiring of people, and command room for tactical displays, a medical office for tending to the wounded, a galley kitchen for non-MRE meals, and a couple VR rooms for weapons training. The main benefit of having the admin facility include the access lift (it would be a 1x2 facility) is that you get additional space to build other facilities off of it early on. But if you do that there's more exposure to alien attack.

Specialized stats: Weapon classes would be used to develop specialists. Classes include pistol, rifle, heavy, and thrown weapons. For the first 3, you'd also have categories for standard, laser, and plasma. Using a weapon only raises accuracy in its class and not the others. Only use a rifle, your accuracy with it goes up, but your pistol+heavy accuracies stay the same unless you use them too. When you go up a category (standard to laser or laser to plasma) your accuracy drops 5-10% for the new weapon, and then develops normally. This reflects the change in style. Your accuracy with a previous weapon never drops, so you can go back to another weapon if you want. This system increases the difficulty and also lets people develop specialists like snipers.

#56 Guest_alex the greater_*

Guest_alex the greater_*
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Posted 17 August 2004 - 03:19 PM

the adminastrator comands X-Corps his counputer in an undesclosed location the X-corps are so secret that the admin doesint evan know it exests he thinks he is playing a video game

#57 Snakeman



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Posted 17 August 2004 - 03:45 PM

I like the idea too of customizing ONE soldier and be able to use him in combat like any normal soldier. However, I wonder if Xenocide or any of these other xcom clones are implimenting a more personalized story where it might make sense to use this special character.

For instance, akin to how terror missions pop up, might there be an alternative mission type that pops up in the same way where the idea is to be sure to send this character on to help move the story? (maybe the soldier needs to be available for those and using them any other way is optional?).

Maybe these types of plot missions don't have to pop up as frequently as terror missions, but like every few months.

Oh well, sorry if this topic got side tracked a bit more toward development ideas. Sometimes when I hear an idea, subjects can cross each other :)

Anyway, if there were to be a character we controlled, I'd think there would need to be other incentives for it like for mini plots or something where they can be hands on without it being a requirement all the time for the run of the mill missions. Morale improvements for his squad if he's going on those missions would be nice, but I also kinda liked that other idea mentioned about possibly better research and manufacturing times for the base he resides at.

I'd just like to see something like that be worth it, otherwise I'm satisfied with simply editing every soldier and forgoing that other stuff.

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Posted 18 August 2004 - 01:31 AM

Maybe a character switch system a bit like in Rainbow 6? If The trooper kicks the bucket, a short video clip of him falling bravely and his next-in command crying his name in radio. Game continues, you have a new "hero", but he is not your special customized anymore...

#59 Guest_alex the greater_*

Guest_alex the greater_*
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Posted 18 August 2004 - 06:59 AM

i like that idea

and as far as admin goes thats handeled by the un