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CTD after combat

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Posted 14 November 2012 - 06:58 PM

I was unable to find anothetr thread with this problem. I'm playing with the non-dosbox steam version with UFO Extender.

Often (yeah, not always) after I win a combat mission and after the mission result screen the game crashes with the application error "XCOM crashed at 0x... with error 0xC0000005 trying to access 0x...".

I thought I could replicate the CTD when the first time happened. Well it seemed that when a sergeant or more died the game crashed this way. But then happened with rookies too (and repeating the same mission when someone died the game crashed, but completing the mission without casualities it didn't!). Now I'm in a mission when even if all my soldiers survivwe the game crashes anyway.

Another strange fact is that in this same mission if I porpusely kill someone of my soldiers I manage to return to the geoscape without CTD, but as I said I have to kill most of them, and it works rarely at the moment!
If I abort the mission the game continues without CTD.

I'm quite sure this has started to happen not long ago and I remember to play the game with UFO Ext without any problem for a while. Not totally sure, but it may be some recent update (maybe about Windows).

Or maybe not. Anyone else with this weird problem?

p.s.: I thought I have found a way to avoid being completely stuck. When I got a CTD, I deliberately killed most of my soldiers, then magically didin't get the CTD, returned to the geoscape, reloaded the last combat mission save and finished the mission as normal, and the game didn't crash anymore! Well THIS doesn't work anymore.

EDIT: I found the culprit. It was an UFO Extender option, "No funkers" (that has to do with promotions). Disabling it solved the problem.

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