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Ufo Missions

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Posted 17 January 2006 - 02:28 PM

The UFO's actions in Enemy Unknown were limited to reasearch, abduction, harvest, terror, infiltration, supply/build base and retaliation, nice missions, however I think aliens would retaliate a little bit more by actually pursuing your ships.

If you keep raiding the supply ships I think the aliens might actually get the idea to increase the defense of the supply ships, what I am thinking is that UFO's actually pursue your craft as well in situations, a battleship which has just had a small skirmish with an avenger in which the avenger retreats may lead to the battleship chasing the avenger. When you go to intercept a supply ship, a terrorship or some type of escort ship goes after your craft to protect the supply ship, also in crash sites another UFO may come and try and blow up your skyranger before/after the crash mission so now you have to escort your craft as well.

Air Combat was very limited in Enemy Unknown, just detect, plot waypoints and go blow up UFO(s), variations just being the craft, the weapons (plasma and fusionball at the end) and how many craft to send.

It would be nice to increase air-combat so you need to think more strategically, also mabye have the ability to siphon fuel from transport craft to interceptor craft so your interceptors can stay in the air for longer. And speaking of fuel, can you get rid of that damned rule thing that you can't launch a craft from your base unless it is fully fuelled, however to balance it more out also have it so that any craft without fuel will crash (gets rid of craft staying in the air forever bug).

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Posted 17 January 2006 - 05:29 PM

You mentioned a couple of things I like here, one is essentially a new mission - escort.

Escorting would imply that theoretically anyway, it opens the door to the concept of being able to form flight groups that work together in the game. This would also mean that there should be an update to the intercept interface (essentially another mini-game basically) where you can fight, fall back and regroup, top off tanks in mid air, or fight defensively in response to an alien intereption ability on your ships.

The aeroscape thread on here discusses some of this stuff too and is a cool topic in relatoin to this.

The other things I like that you've mentioned i.e. being able to refuel in the air, sounds cool. It could mean that we could strip down an Avenger or Skyranger and refit them to be tankers (sacraficing troop capaicity and probably armorments no doubt). Folowing this logic too, they could also be stripped down to be just in a bombing role, or just a hovertank deployer for a ground reinforcement option (they stay in the air but just drop the tanks or anyone else that fits onboard wearing parachutes/flying suits).

Having ships like this with a specialized type of role gives I think more meaning to the role of escorting in general, but also being able to assign the same mission to multiple ships in the form of flight groups. The potential too of making the intercept portion a little more engaging sounds cool if all the elements could be pulled off well.