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Country Relations W/each Other

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Posted 31 May 2007 - 02:01 PM

I think it would be a great gameplay aspect if your actions did more then just effect funding. I know that there are many similar ideas of how other governemts should get soldier NPC's and develop thier own research and attack/help you depending on how friendly you are with them but I think NPC soldiers while fighting the aliens might be a little bit of a pipe-dream.

What I would like to see is countries getting jelous with each other due to your actions, perhaps USA increases funding by a large amount so obviously you make more of an effort to defend thier terrirtory but other places suffer a bit more and the country gets jelous, obviously they will reduce funding for X-CORP, but I would like to see it happening to more then one country, for example if you protect China more then NATO countries start to get annoyed and may reduce funding while a fictional alliance of communist countries might increase funding. It would be nice if there was a little simulator (little as in programming-wise) of the globe, it looks at countries relations to each other and alliances they are in and works out industrial strength, military strength, population and treasury so that realistically throughout the game there may be wars going on and the simulator would decide if a countries invasion on another is succesful/stalemate/failure. There will only be the factors mentioned above as well as luck (dice roll) to see how wars will pan out, but also XCORPS can get involved in a shadowy type of way.

X-CORP get money in two ways, one is funding from countries, the other is selling thier goods, however when selling thier goods they have the option of selling to the global black-market or to a group (e.g. NATO) or country (e.g. UK) and the selling of goods can affect relations if the transfer is found out (done by more dice rolling, can be just one roll to see if everyone knows or a roll for every country and alliance), for example if goods are sold in the black-market then if the UN find out they may be dissapointed and reduce funding, if advanced (non-human starting)goods are sold to a country then that country gets a military bonus, if found out then UN will reduce funding but the country supplied might not or may increase funding.

There wont be that many positive effects for being very friendly with a country other then the increased funding and possibly more intelligience of location of alien bases. Negative impacts of being not friendly with countries will include starting from low to increasing severity
  • Reduction of funding
  • No people to recruit (won't really effect much except that names in the name generator for soldiers/scientists/engineers will be removed e.g. removal of Russian surnames and forenames like Vosonovitch and Alexi respectivly, more of a little fun thing then game affecting)
  • Stop funding
  • Making countries airspace a no-fly zone for XCORP aircraft (will have another luck factor to see if XCORP craft get detected) unless a UFO is currently in the countries airspace or there is an alien terrorist attack (if XCORP craft are detected when trespassing there is just a further reduction in relations) request to remove any bases in that country (will have to sell and rebuild)
  • Attacking XCORP craft when they are trespassing (obviously wont be able to catch up with XCORP fighters but will be able to intercept the Skyranger, will also make XCORP fighters to have to escort the transport over a hostile countries airspace, (possible commando attacks on XCORP bases in the country)
  • Hatred of XCORP/Allying with Aliens - the country will activly seek to destory XCORP assets, any bases in the country will be attacked though can be repelled with base defence missions, the enemy country may eventually destory the base with overwhelming firepower. The country will attack XCORP craft nearby thier country as long as they do not trespass against another country they are not allied with. May attack commando style in other XCORP bases if the XCORP base is close and the risks are worth it to trespass in another country.
just a fun lil idea :D