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One More Idea... Prison Riot!

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Posted 28 November 2005 - 04:32 PM

Imagine this little scenario; have one team (player 1 or 2) be the guards (knowing the full map), and the other as the prisoners (knowing only the mess hall or something.

Guards consist of:

6 or so xcom soldiers (no armor, and equipped with stun rods and pistols as emergency)

1 warden unit (equipped with rifle, pistol, and stun rod, max strength/stamina)

Smoke grenades are optional, for crowd control (like tear gas); since explosives are illegal.

Prisoners, considering they're starting a riot in the mess hall, consist of:

Maximum amount of units
All civilian
Equipped with only knives (nothing else)
Max stamina and/or TU
Allowed to wield Guards weapons after killing them.

--------(END IDEA)--------------

Just think of it; a decent map of a prison ward, a riot breaks out, and if a prisoner suceeds at killing off a guard, they can use the pistol/stun rod.

I don't know how well this may pass with everyone; but it seems like an interesting idea.

Or you can do something similar to it, and make an "Escape from UFO" mission; which plays out similar to "Prison Riot", except, escaping from the surgury/food storage rooms. (They have knives from the rooms after a brave soul (still conscious) knocked out/killed an alien, and starts giving everyone else in the room/containment a chance for freedom by giving them the scalples(sp?)/knives still in there).

This can even play as role reversal at an alien containment lab, except aliens are doing this instead, and Xcom tries to resist, all that the aliens have to do, is find the weapon room (general stores) with thier weapons confiscated, in order to fight back. It'll serve for some interesting gameplay. The air lock can also serve as an escape square (goal point).

At least (n) amount of prisoners must reach escape point in order to win.
Only blank areas (all grass/sand/snow) in outer-most, or assigned spot (elevator/broken wall) equals 'Team Win'.
Randomized (non-team area) = escape point.

"Surrounded" positioning, or pre-made positioning (place by number/color marker; assigned by map designer/scenario maker (program)).

Alot of parenthesis, I know.

EDIT: Oh yeah, secondary mission; kill off Warden/Commander, in order to succeed as well. Meaning, only the warden/Commander is allowed to wear armor for protection; Kinda like a "Boss" character in the team.

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Posted 28 November 2005 - 04:46 PM

The only way I can think of it possible though, is to make a scenario; by saving a randomized map (or pre-made, but saved anyway); and use a scenario maker program to assign positions/heading/weapons/type configurations on the saved map, to make a unique mission for many to play/use.

Hotseat compatable.

I'm no programmer, but I think someone should look into making such a program. I mean, scenarios could attract some interesting ideas. Especially if you're also limited to what's assigned (characters/ weapons, and such).

You can even, let's say, have it so theres a limited amount of weapons/ammo that a group can use, and that's it. Like with the prison break idea, there are only (12 knives, nothing else) assigned to the prisoners, but guns and smoke grenades to the guards (7 pistols, 1 rifle, 5 smoke grenades, 7 stun rods) is all the guards have. If possible, include rocks as a weapon if possible. That would be pretty funny.