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The Xcom Story -Fan Fiction

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Posted 20 August 2003 - 07:19 PM

In order to understand any of my journals and letters you must first read this historical brief. What follows is a recount of the main events leading to the genocide of 2038

ĂlchaSoft Founded. ĂlchaSoft quickly reaches gargantuan proportions; CEO goes on records as having aspirations of settling Mars
First ion drive probe “Landen” is launched to test ion drive propulsion and study Mars. Probe also testing data compression and magnetic sensor prototypes.
Landen probe arrives in orbit seven weeks early. Total travel time 125 days. All systems read as being at optimum functionality.
United Earth Council (UEC) formed in New Sydney to aid reduction of pollution worldwide and stop global warming
World War IIIPeople of third world nations rise up united under a new leader known only as ‘The New Revolutionary’ in an attempt to capture dwindling oil and gas resources and improve their standard of living. UEC given power to coordinate combined military forces.
WWIII Ends‘The New Revolutionary’ assassinated.UEC quashes uprising. UEC uses war to drastically reduce world population. 8,600,000,000 die when international aid is withdrawn from developing nations.
UEC researchers invent magnetosynchronus launch engine(MSLE). First space shuttle launched with full crew complement. Total cost of launch $5,300,000,000 cheaper than conventional methods. The Landen probe begins scanning Mars. Probe information used to calibrate a MSLE ready for a manned mission.
UEC bans cars and issues deconstruction orders for all privately owned vehicles in an effort to cut world pollution
Cryo-Stasis invented. William Mortimer (inventor) was placed in stasis for six months and successfully reanimated. Only side effect listed as “Crystal Dreaming”. A long book describing Mortimer ‘dreams’ wile he was in cryo-stasis.
UEC Goddard I shuttle launched with seven-crew, destination Mars.
UEC Goddard I shuttle arrives in Mars orbit. Communication is lost within twenty-five minutes of first shuttle contact. The Landen probe records EM surge on the planets surface. Scientific community dismisses the surge as a fault in defunct equipment and it is quickly forgotten. Official cause for loss of contact is listed as a critical reactor failure. Landen probe is officially decommissioned and tracking stations stop monitoring probe output
An ĂlchaSoft funded fleet of shuttles Goddard II-XVIII arrive in Mars orbit after being secretly launched with out UEC permission. Fleet contains five research ships, eight colony ships, three supply ships and a ‘security’ vessel.
Contact with Omega colony lost. Scouts sent to investigate the loss of communications find only twisted metallic ruins and an unknown purple biological substance.
UEC Launches the Oberth. A research ship designed to test new electron propulsion systems. Arrives in Mars orbit 75 days early.

Today I finally received word of my posting. I have been assigned to a UEC research ship - the Oberth no less. The latest and greatest of the UEC’s ships. In just thirteen hours I will be boarding this revolutionary new ship and leaving for Mars. My Job on board will be measuring EMX radiation. Not that I’m ungrateful, but who gets a job like this? Computers have been monitoring this sort of radiation since before the turn of the century. Rumour has it that there is open warfare between the ĂlchaSoft and UEC colonies and outposts. Anyway, I’m just happy that I got a position, even if I do end up getting thrust into the middle of the conflict. After twenty-six years of hard work in schools I’m finally going to Mars!!
I must report for my final medical.

Just assigned (officially) to the Oberth today and have been told to be on board by 18:00 hours. Also I have just learnt that there is a maximum message buoy capacity so all my letters from now on will be text only and limited to 40Kb. Please forgive me if I am brief. The Oberth is amazing, every corridor is 0G and everything is state-of-the-art. The standard room is 3*4 and all amenities are common. I will be going into stasis in just under seven hours and won’t be able to Ck for nearly two months. I’ve had my ear to the ground and some people say that there have been UFO sightings on and around Mars!

As of 22:37 today we are officially in high Mars orbit and are in preparation for atmospheric entry. I assume that you have already heard that the Omicron colony has been reduced to slag and the only clues to the colony’s destruction are the strange purple goo and some abnormal EMX readings.

So, I’ve been on Mars for the best part of a month and it’s pretty much like Earth, except for the pink sky, ultra hi-tech everything, needing a pressure suit when you go outside and the awful food. Anyway, I’ve finally been given a good assignment. I will be going on a scouting run to investigate loss of power to the far eastern scanning station. Even though as a cyberneticist I’m overqualified for the job, I’m itching to get out of the lab.

Dear Mrs West.

We regret to inform you that your daughter has been severely injured in the line of duty.
She has a bad fusion burn in the left shoulder and may require an upper body Biomechanical reconstruction.
The procedure does not yet need to be performed but in the event of further cellular collapse, amputation will be inevitable. Sufficient amounts of Bio-nano-reconstructive-devices wouldn’t be available in time for this to be an option. We regret to inform you that the choice cannot be yours. We advise that your daughter will be in the recovery tanks for a period of sixty days - at the very least - to allow the brain to properly connect with the artificial arm.
Under these circumstances UEC policy dictates that upon recovery, the injured person may use triple data rations on the message buoy.
The UEC will send a full incident report to you upon the recovery of the pressure suit data capsule.

Respectfully, Luke K. Arden
Admiral; UEC Oberth

Dear Mum
All I can say is ‘Nightmare’.
I was in the tank for one thousand, six hundred and three hours. ‘Sixty-nine days’. That tank may be the single biggest advance in medical science since Bio-nano-reconstructive-devices but being in that tank is like living in a horror fantasy. I truly cannot begin to express the horror that I experienced. To give you a vague idea it’s like running through a maze and all your worst nightmares are following, nipping at your heels. Anyway, they were not able to save my arm. They had to scrap two droids to recover enough parts to rebuild my shoulder. I’m very lucky that I have long hair. The doctors were good enough to leave the hair on top of my head, it covers the neural jack they put in the back of my skull. Unfortunately for me the only jack they had was a 24:10/6A-45up. Sorry! Three years working in a Cybernetic surgery and I think everyone understands the language. They gave me a 24 by 10 mm type 6A jack implanted, at 45ş to the skull, To simplify that, the metallic ring around the jack is 24 mm across, the insert ring is 10 mm across, and the 6A means the jack can read type 1-6 outputs and with the jack pointing upwards to the eyes. The best part of the implant is that I can have access to any data output on the planet or any ship in the sector built in the next year. Unfortunately I have some really bad scars running from ear to ear on the back of my head. I cannot remember how I lost my arm. Or even remember where I was or what I was doing to have a fusion torch backfire on me, but apparently I was helping seal a nanocontroller line that had ruptured in a power surge. The mad thing is, I’m not qualified to repair nanocontroller lines and, strange still, security logs indicate no power surges that would agree with the timeframe I’ve been given. But with all this speculation of UEC conspiracies and UFO’s there is ‘talk’ to say the least.
The message buoy is timing down I’ve got to cut short now or it will cut out.
Luv, Ya J

Just finished a six-hour operation rebuilding some poor guy’s right wrist after he crushed it in a gravlift accident. It’s the worst crushing I’ve ever seen! The bones in the hands were all pulverised, very nasty. For the record I don’t believe in UFO’s but there is increasing speculation that aliens are here and that the aliens destroyed the Goddard I and the Omega colony. Also there’s speculation that the purple goo that was found at the ruins of Omega colony is alien blood. But based on my analysis of the sample of about one gram that I managed to get my hands on, it’s not blood so much as an engineered biomechanical nutrient carrier with several enzymes that I can’t identify. It has been proven that human blood and digestive samples mutate very quickly in the Mars atmosphere, so it is quite possible that the sample is human in origin.

Talk about painful! The fusion reactor in Zeta colony went down this morning. Meaning that after the core had been reactivated and repaired every system in the colony has had to be completely reinitialised. Since we arrived here I’ve been worming my way through the colony infomatrix. I’ve been slipping in and out of the virtual world for almost sixteen hours trying to recover the infomatrix in its entirety. Even worse is that after an infomatrix goes down it automatically engages ‘self protection’ (full military alert) when it comes back up, so I’ve been trying to override ĂlchaSoft corporate security protocols. UEC security is nothing compared to that of ĂlchaSoft. The strangest of things happened to me when I was trying to reinitialise the labs primary data recorder. I think it tried to perform a data dump into my brain. I’ve not been able to get over just how much was downloaded into me. More than twelve terabytes, twelve! Speaking from experience I was lucky, I’ve seen people who have literally burnt out every neuron in their head by doing that. Strange thing is that my own screaming broke the output stream. It was apparently controlled by a sonic-resistor, which shattered seconds before burnout!

Continued speculation on the subject of UFO’s is playing havoc on some of the younger members of the crew. My young lab assistant Rachel (a young woman who was displaced by the war and disowned her parents who supported ‘The New Revolutionary’) has spent the last few nights bunking with me! It’s not that I don’t like her but the rooms are small and I need my space. The poor girl, she has never had any stability in her life. I think she’s looking for a mother figure as much as a friend. I just don’t think that I can provide her with a mother figure, after all I’m only thirty.
I’ve been having strange dreams. I think that my brain is finally breaking the data dump down into thoughts and images rather than threads and strings. Anyway, the dreams look like a post mortem. The only thing is the subject is about nine feet tall with three-foot wide shoulders and has skin with the texture of tree bark.

Rachel is still scared stiff and I’m trying to be a mother figure to her but it’s not working. I’m obviously a better cyberneticist than a mother but I am being a friend. Things are getting harder and harder. I’m still sorting through the information that the computer dumped in me. I still think that I’m watching a post mortem but the longer the information is in me the less I think I’m watching a human. What’s really strange is why would a lab be paying so much attention to a simple post mortem and why would such a detailed record be kept on this type of procedure?
Still more UFO sightings and still more rhetoric. I still don’t believe but even some of the more steadfast crewmembers are beginning to suspect UEC cover-up.

Every day the information dump becomes more and more clear but still I have nothing concrete to base assumptions on. We’ve received word that the ĂlchaSoft’s new Sydney class star ship, the Terra-Nova will be joining us in orbit in a month or so. I also heard rumours that ĂlchaSoft will be offering UEC staff positions in the Nova.
I’ve still nothing clear to report on the data dump but I’m becoming convinced that whatever is being dissected is not human.

Increasing numbers of UFO sightings have led to UEC creating official regulations and protocols to deal with contact with alien life forms. Unfortunately this has only made people more nervous and that means more accidents. I’ve spent the day in and out of the surgery and the droid storage area trying to find the components to fix arms, hands, feet and I’ve even had to rebuild one poor man’s neck!
Anyway I’m almost sure that what I’m looking at in my dreams is not human. The problem is, if it’s not human, then what is it?

First contact was officially made with non-human sentient life forms today. As of time index 10:47:12:83 the Oberth made first contact. Furthermore, as of time index 10:48:45:24, humanity is officially at war with these unidentified life forms. So that we all remember just how it happened, I’ve decided to privately record and publish my journals rather than just keep them for posterity.
The Oberth was conducting a mineral scanning flight to a depth of 1Km when a disc shaped craft approached at more that one hundred and twenty-five thousand Km/h and took up position alongside her. The bridge crew instantly tried to make contact. The only response we received was a volley of plasma weapon fire. The disc then accelerated to mark-four and was quickly out of sensor range. Rachel was among the casualties. The Oberth received some damage along section R-4A:W. The recently upgraded ĂlchaSoft 2032 Tsiolkovsky ‘security’ cruiser has requested permission to accompany the Oberth on all future missions. ĂlchaSoft purchases ownership ‘rights’ to all alien technologies acquired for the next five years. The Oberth will take up high orbit and commence surface scans today. We will await the arrival of the Terra-Nova before re-entering the planet’s atmosphere.
On a completely different note, I’ve finally been able to completely discern the data dump in its entirety. I’m not mad! The thing being dissected was an alien. Zeta colony UEC and ĂlchaSoft exobiologists informed me that the creature was brought in after assaulting my scout group and shooting me. I also found out the purple goo is their blood and that the specimen was cybernetic in nature.

On the Thursday 01/10/2037 the Oberth and Tsiolkovskt were shot down with all hands aboard.
The next three years saw armed combat between human and alien forces both on Mars and Earth. The alien's were eventually repelled and their Mars base destroyed. Human technology advanced three centauries due to assimilation of alien devices and crafts.

I hope you have found the information that you were looking for.
Thank you, for visiting this site.

Humanity will live on! We cannot be silenced!

Your Thoughts please

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Posted 20 August 2003 - 07:49 PM

Very good, yes a good read. This should probably go in the fan fiction section though.

I think you would do great writing fluff text. :D

Xenocide already has a story, but some of your ideas were good and might be doable (post in the workshops, that will get project members to look more at it.)

Anyway, in Xenocide, humanity is not quite that advanced. :D
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Posted 20 August 2003 - 07:50 PM

Oops, just realized I double posted.

So, good story.

Edited by Cpl. Facehugger, 21 August 2003 - 08:08 AM.

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Posted 20 August 2003 - 11:55 PM

i know that Xenocide has its own story line and i know that humanity is not suposed to be that advanced.
i put this foward incase infogames says that we cant use X-com or any of the other parts of the xcom universe.
this is just to act as a back up.

it was never ment to be in the X-com universe.
My school has a big thing about us using the interlectual property of others.
i wrote that as a part of a creative writing asignment.

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Posted 19 February 2006 - 05:23 PM

Though its creative there are some glaring errors, one espacilly is this:

World War IIIPeople of third world nations rise up united under a new leader known only as ‘The New Revolutionary’ in an attempt to capture dwindling oil and gas resources and improve their standard of living. UEC given power to coordinate combined military forces.
WWIII Ends‘The New Revolutionary’ assassinated.UEC quashes uprising. UEC uses war to drastically reduce world population. 8,600,000,000 die when international aid is withdrawn from developing nations.

First off is the sudden announcment of this war, it just automatically happens in 2013, no rising events prior. Second developing countries aren't just africa, its eastern european states, most asian countries (even China, India are still regarded as a devolping countries) South America, middle east etc Pretty much 70% of the world population are developing countries. MOST of our food and natural reserves come from them. Europe and U.S barely form one billion in total yet a grand score of over eight billion die?! This world has a near six billion as it is. the logic that such an overkill will reduce global warming would be flawed. Quite the opposite global cooling will be in severe effect due to nuclear winter and major starvation. In short your looking at the dark age and near extinction with surviving goverments in complete anarchy. I'm surprised so many countries could band together espacilly as many are democratic/communist/dictorial and rely on western goverment support.

There is another problem, the bio-nano-reconstructive and biomechnical technology would still make the woman's amputated arm repairable/regrowable. Why? Because nano is recreational and replicating, so bio-nano is in affect an advance form of cloning, you have created a twechnology that recreate a lost limb, all it needs is the DNA to do so. And it is puzzling how they can't identify the purple liquid, the fact they register it as biomechanical nutrient carrier with several enzymes that I can’t identify. can be proven alien for surely the biomechanical will be a complete different structure and too alien to be a form of a human mutate. And if the enzymes or protien cannot be idetified then the answer is clear.

My complaint is that though this is a creative exercise I can't help but note some very exaggerated facts, it would be more plausiable if a more believable element was added.
UFO: Enemy and The Unknown *link below*