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Game type: Zombie Apocalypse

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Posted 20 August 2010 - 12:06 AM

I was toying around with a zombie outbreak scenario since it's all the rage, and while not entirely original (and possibly even suggested here before) I came up with some rules that work out for an interesting humans vs. zombies game.

Basic Rules -

Game type: Search and Destroy (so you can place anywhere)
Points: NA, not important.
Suggested Map: Any city or likewise possible zombie outbreak location is good. 5x5 makes a good quick game, 6x6 is a fun challenge.
Light Level: Turn it down for eeriness!
Ground: Off
Weapon set: Either UFO2k Classic or UFO2k Humans Only

Player 1 -
Take 15 zombies from the chameleon set, any stats (keep in mind firing, throwing and strength do nothing for you), no weapons, EXCEPT the combat knife or shiv (see flavor suggestions). No explosives, no grenades, no mines. Nothing but the combat knife or shiv. Not even the alien knife.

Place your 15 zombies anywhere you like, spreading them out is favorable to find those yummy humans faster. Your goal is to eat them. You are NOT ALLOWED to pick up their weapons or items, only melee and nibble brains.

Player 2 -
Take 4 human jumpsuits, with any stats, only basic firearms and melee (Python, Silver Talon, XAS 12 Gauge, AR55, S45 and the XSR, shiv, and combat knife, and the chainsaw!), however each person is ONLY ALLOWED to take one weapon, even if it is a melee weapon, and NO TWO PEOPLE CAN HAVE THE SAME WEAPON. If your weapon requires ammo, you can load it, and take ONE reload but it must match that character's weapon, not a buddy's. No grenades, no mines, no explosives. You may not pick up dropped melee weapons from the zombies, however you ARE ALLOWED to pick up the guns of your dead buddies. You'll very likely need their ammo anyway.

Place your 4 humans anywhere on the map. Keeping them close to one another is the key, but don't start out too close, or they might become a buffet on the first round. Make sure they group together for safety after that, and your goal is to survive the zombie outbreak by killing them before they eat you.

Suggestions - Player 1 does not move his first turn, allowing player 2 a chance to move first. The reason player 2 is the humans and not the other way around, is because any of the second player's troops that are placed in the same spot as the first, removes the first's from combat, which would really hurt the human side, and very possible with 15 units. NOTE: If you use this suggestion, then it is more advantageous for the humans to start out grouped together, since they get to move first and avoid the chance of a first-round massacre.

Using 'Hold' game type also works well, allowing a 'survive for so many turns' type setting for player 2.

Advanced Rules -
Everything is the same as Basic, with the exception that ground is ON.

Player 1 creates and places their 15 zombies as per normal on Basic, however, 7 of them each get one item set to the ground, for the humans to recover. These are to be one of each: The Python, Silver Talon, XAS 12 Gauge, AR55, S45, XSR, and the Chainsaw. There is to be one full load clipped into each of the firearms. You are not allowed to pick these up, move them, or fire them; they are for the humans to find. Guard these caches if you like, but don't cluster your weapon-starting zombies too close to one another, else they'll have an easy supply of weapons to find.

Player 2 creates 4 jumpsuit humans as per Basic, however, only 2 of them get to choose one weapon each from the list above, loaded but without reloads, the other two start with NOTHING. You have to find where the zombies hid more supplies. You may not pick up the zombies' combat knives. Your goal is to survive with much lowered weapon availability. Make sure you retrieve the arms (weapon, not stumps) of any fallen buddy, once you've cleared the area of zombies, of course.

Using 'Hold' game type still works well. Selecting 'done' on player 1's first turn before moving and allowing player 2 to go first is still in good spirits for fairness.

Flavor suggestions for added fun:
1. Each zombie carries one random clip of the supported weapon types around with them (make sure you're fair and choose from all the ammo types available - there's always a chance the humans don't have a particular weapon at all, and that's your advantage. This allows for two of each ammo, and one extra of your choice.), humans get a full load in their weapons, but no reloads to start.

2. Zombies are only allowed Shivs, giving the humans a slightly better chance of being attacked and surviving. (I prefer it this way, actually) This also makes it easier for the humans not to accidentally pick up the zombie's melee weapon, if the shiv is designated as zombie-only as per #3.

3. Humans are not allowed shivs. This works well with #2, making it easier to not mix up the two sides' weapon allowances. Besides, what's a pointy stick going to do to a mindless brain eater anyway?

4. Zombies may only raise their Health and Stamina stats, leaving TU at 50, making for a slower mass of shambling zombies.

5. Zombies may only raise Stamina. This works well for the Advanced game type, since chameleons have pretty decent armor as it is.

6. For true authenticity, player 2 can choose the chameleon>civilian type instead of jumpsuits, however, the added armor overpowers them a hair and makes them a little less civilian-esque.

7. Add a few more civvies! Decide if playing advanced or basic; if basic, they may choose one unique weapon per added human, if advanced, only two people get to start out with weapons still. This works well for a 6x6 battle.

Suggestions and ideas welcome!

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Posted 20 August 2010 - 12:33 AM

Here's a few (obvious) tips.

If you're a zombie, bust through walls! Nothing is scarier than a human spotting a zombie poking around a corner, then a mass of them come raging out through the wood work!

If you're a human (and using jumpsuits and not civvies), put your weapon away if you don't intend to reaction shot with it. Zombies are likely to find you more deliciously tempting if they think they're going after someone unarmed, and may leave themselves out in the open at the end of their turn, thinking they're safe. This mostly applies to the advanced game type, since they know you have a weapon in basic.

Reaction shots might shoot down a wandering zombie, but they also let them know where you are. They can't shoot back, so the TUs spent for running often work out better. Plus your ammo is very limited, and a point-blank kill is more efficient than flinging your bullets 15 squares away.

Close the doors behind you, this will slow down zombies a tad, plus make it harder for them to track you.

Also you can shoot apart stairways to prevent them from following you up, however, this may lead to a bit of unfairness since the zombies have no actual way to attack up two flights... As a zombie, a good way around this is to station a zombie in any second or third floor building to jump out and surprise an unwitting human who thinks he's safe; you do have lots of zombies, after all, and once you know where their group is, you can start branching out from buildings unlikely to be reached and used.

Likewise, as a zombie, eat the stairs before anyone uses them. Wood is a good source of fiber and aids in digesting brains.

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Posted 20 August 2010 - 12:56 AM

Another flavor suggestion -

If using the advanced game type, and if giving the humans one grace period turn (clicking done instead of eating them before they've moved), the zombies may pick up and move your weapons to a new location only on the first turn. This allows you to place them in second story rooms and hide them a little better than guessing on the setup map.

You MUST drop the weapon before your first turn is over, or before you make any movement/actions on the second turn, if you ran out of TUs previously.
You may NOT fire the weapon under any circumstances.

If using this suggestion, it is okay for the zombies to start off holding the weapon rather than having to waste the TU to pick it up before moving it on the first round.

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Posted 21 August 2010 - 02:40 AM

I've played a match (number 14191 on the ufo2000.net server) against Highyena by the basic rules. It was fun!

We battled in Dawn City and I want to share one exploit that can be used by Civilians there. There are vertical ladders in Dawn City buildings. Since knives can not be thrust vertically, Zombies can not kill Civilian who is stuck in a middle of such ladder. If Civilian stop on the third "floor" of a ladder which is surrounded by space he will be invincible.

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Posted 30 September 2010 - 08:21 PM

Zombies in games are very nice and cute.
I have play 2 games about zombies: Plants Vs Zombies and Zombie Apocalypse