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Snd - Sfx Asset List With Guide Lines

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Posted 16 May 2005 - 03:36 AM

NOTE: further guide lines need to be added. If you have any ideas, just PM me ;)

- LENGTH: maximal 3 seconds. (Keep sfx short in order to maintain the interest. They will be heard a lot!)
- FORMAT: MONO 16bit 44kHz OGG 192kbit/s (Sfx for battlescape will use a positioning system, therefor they need to be mono)
- QUANTITY: It is better to have several versions per asset in order to maintain interest and increase gameplay.

Menu - Planetscape
Menu beeps : Button over, button click #1 (Ok), button click #2 (Change setting), exit game "DONE"
Planet view : Zoom-in/Zoom-out, Clock (slow, fast, faster etc), Click object on planet "DONE"

Base sounds
Setting up of new buildings, Dismantling
Buying/selling menu (adding (+) & removing (-)), "bill", transfer "DONE"
Start of new research project, Research complete "DONE"

Battleview Sounds
General sounds
Building collapsing
Weapon fire hits : Different materials, mechanical parts, flesh (human/alien)
Regular doors
Sliding Doors
Ufo doors
Ufo navigation, Xenium Reactor, maybe alien machinery from [alien food], [alien examination] etc
Human Lift when used
Grav Lift when used
Stunrod : *ZZZAP!*
Grenades : Priming sound (bling sound),*boom*
High explosive : Button push, Big *BOOM*
Flare : Maybe electric humming
Regular : single shot, reload sound
Laser : single shot
Plasma : single shot, reload sound
Regular : Autofire, single shot, reload sound
Laser : Autofire, single shot
Plasma : Autofire, single shot, reload sound
Heavy stuff
Blaster Launcher : Single shot, reload sound
Rocket Lancher: Single shot, reload sound
Heavy Cannon : Autofire, single shot, reload sound
Autocannon : Autofire, single shot, reload sound
Laser : Autofire, single shot
Plasma : Autofire, single shot, reload sound
Tank (rocket): Motor sound, rocket launch
Tank (cannon) : Motor sound, cannon shot
Hovertank (plasma) : Hover sound, heavy plasma shot
Hovertank (blaster) : Hover sound, Blaster launcher shot
Terror Disk : Hover sound, heavy plasma shot
Artopod : Walking sound, heavy plasma shot
Xcorps : walking, getting wounded, overall voices, death, breathing when stamina low
Humans : Pretty much same as above
Grey : alienwalking, getting wounded, death
Morlock : alienwalking, getting wounded, death
Satyrian : Hovering, getting wounded, death
Cloak : Hovering, getting wounded, death
Raptor : alienwalking, getting wounded, death, biting
Spawn : alienwalking mk2, getting wounded, death, stinging

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