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Cooperative Effort - Human Equipment Overhaul

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Posted 05 December 2006 - 04:10 PM

Wondering if anybody would be interested in doing an equipment mod for XCOM1 with me. There are many mods out there that are good but they each require a separate installation. I did try to merge to weapon mods (and add my own ideas) and had to give up out of frustration.

I am no programmer, just a gamer who knows how to hex edit and use notepad and I am guessing many others also think modding is difficult. There's so much work involved you are bound to make mistakes and can't figure them out.

What I'm thinking of is if a group of people want to do it, we decide what kind of mod we're going to make - what types of weapons (to organize slots), armor, and any other equipment - then each person concentrates on just one item or task. Obviously the hex edit stuff will need to be merged by somebody but as long as it's just copying out data I'd be willing to do that myself.

Personally what I'm interested in is 'realistic' modern day weaponry. I do not think starting weapons should ever become obselete. In the mod I was trying to make for example I freed slots got rid of the laser pistol - the laser is used for accuracy weapon and takes time to power up. I also got rid of all the cannons except the rocket launcher which I wanted to make smaller and something that would be of actual use in a combat situation. Shotguns, sniper rifles etc and different types of ammunition (incendiary bullets, stun sniper bullets) replace the weapons not used. The plasma was only supposed to be used by aliens.