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Svn - Revision 1529

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Posted 18 March 2007 - 08:22 PM

Author: dteviot
Date: 10/03/2007 06:21:20 a.m.


1. Updated design docs.
2. Replaced foreach with for() loops where collection is potentially mutated during iteration.
3. Craft can't have fuel go below 0.
4. Abort mission handling changed (now logging records exit of old state BEFORE entering new state.)

Changed Paths:

Modify: \xna\trunk\Xenocide\Source\Model\Geoscape\Craft\Mission.cs
Modify: \xna\trunk\Xenocide\Source\Model\Geoscape\Craft\Craft.cs
Add: \xna\trunk\docs\GettingModalDialogsToWork.htm
Modify: \xna\trunk\Xenocide\Source\Model\Geoscape\AI\Overmind.cs
Modify: \xna\trunk\docs\UfoBehaviour.html
Add: \xna\trunk\docs\OverviewOfAIandCraft.htm
Modify: \xna\trunk\Xenocide\Source\Model\Geoscape\Craft\Aircraft.cs
Modify: \xna\trunk\docs\Roadmap.html
Modify: \xna\trunk\Xenocide\Source\Model\Geoscape\HumanBase\HumanBase.cs
Modify: \xna\trunk\Xenocide\Source\Model\Geoscape\GeoData.cs
Modify: \xna\trunk\Xenocide\Source\UI\Screens\GeoscapeScreen.cs
Modify: \xna\trunk\docs\ToDoList.html
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