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Guide to running XCOM3 on Mac OSX, via DosBox

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Posted 29 June 2010 - 01:49 PM

Greetings! I finally managed to get this great game working (and working beautifully) on two of my Mac computers (one running Tiger, and one running Snow Leopard) and I thought I would post the process I used. I figured that some people might find it useful, and this seemed like the best community to offer it to. I hope some of you can use it!

Note: If you already have an iso of the game disk, you can skip the first step.


1: Download the newest version of DosBox from the dosbox website

2: Create a folder named dosgames in your Users folder

3: Launch DosBox, then quit immediately

4: Open the DosBox Preferences (with Textedit), located under Preferences, in the Library folder in your Users folder

5: Locate an item named blocksize=1024 under [mixer] and change it to blocksize=2048


1: Insert XCOM3 Disk

2: Open Disk Utility (Applications-Utilities-Disk Utility)

3: On the left side of the Disk Utility screen, there is a list of drives and disks. Click on the XCOM3 disk (assuming this is the only disk inserted in the computer, there should be two items with the CD icon- select the bottom one)

4: On Disk Utility's top bar, there is a list of icons. Click New Image

5: Set as no encryption, DVD/CD format (In tiger, select "DVD/CD master" as the format). Name it XCOM. This will save as a .cdr file on the Desktop. Once saved, change the file's .cdr appelation to .iso

6: Place the .iso file in the dosgames folder


1: Mount the dosgames folder as the c drive (mount c ~/dosgames -freesize 1024). The freesize command will ensure the game thinks there is enough space to allow installation, it is not neccesary after the installation is completed

2: Mount the image (imgmount d "C:\XCOM.iso" -t iso)

3: Go to the D drive (d:)

4: Type dir to see the contents of the D drive. It should show you a list of files in the XCOM.iso. Run the Install program (install)

5: Select the Optimal install size. It may take a moment to continue

6: Select the C drive. Remember that our dosgames folder is set as the C drive, so that's where the game will be installed. Use the default filename

7:The game should begin copying files now. It may take a moment. Go get some food and take a break from this exhausting dos programming

8: Setup the sound card

9: Select Autodetect and click okay. Perform the Sound Test. If you can hear the test sound, then click OK

10: Exit and save configuration


1: It is now fully installed. You can launch the game immediately after you finish installation by typing "xcomapoc" at the prompt, however, let's go through the launch process before we relax

2: Quit and restart dosbox

3: First, type mount c ~/dosgames

4: Then, type imgmount d "C:\XCOM.iso" -t iso

5: Mount c by typing c:

6: Change the directory to the XCOMA folder by typing cd xcoma

7: Now launch XCOM3 by typing xcomapoc

8: To go to full screen, hit ALT + ENTER. Enjoy!

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