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Alien Vs Human <war> Has Begun!

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Posted 09 April 2009 - 11:04 AM

JOIN THE WAR NOW!! http://www.7kplay.net

War begins.....

"With the arrival of the Alien's 'Communications Sattelite' in earth orbit, it seems that the fragile treaty between United Earth and the Alien Alliance is near the breaking point.
While the politicians and officials on each side waste time in apparently pointless negotiations, relations between humans and aliens continue to deteriorate.
Sectoid factions within the Alien Alliance clamor for war, while on earth, enraged citizens are forming small, independant militias to prepare for what they believ to be an imminent alien attack." --- AP news service--

The Alien/Human <WAR> will be a tournament of teams spanning 8-10 weeks. Players will command a squad of either Humans or Aliens, fighting for the overall victory of his chosen team (Alien or Human.) There is no limit to the number of matches a player can play each week (or even at one sitting), and there are no "assigned" opponents, but each team will have an objective for that week. Players should save <WAR> matches played (with the "<WAR>" moniker in front of their player-name) for moderator to calculate results for the week. At weeks end, wins/losses will be compared, determining the course of the <WAR> and each team's objectives for the following week.
As objectives are completed, victorious teams will be awarded advances in technology, etc, for ALL players on that team (i.e., ALL Human team players will be allowed Standard armor, etc.)

As the <WAR> progresses, multiple objectives may become available for each team in a given week. For each team (Alien or Human) a "Team Commander" will decide the priority of the objectives that week for his team, and guide the direction his chosen team will pursue (accomplishing objectives may take more than one week-- "secure the Amazon waterways," for example, might require fifteen match-wins on any combination of 'Jungle,' 'Port,' and 'Native' maps.)
The "Team Commander" will be determined as the player who has the best win record for his team for the preceding week : Number of matches played compared to win/loss ratio.
The match objectives will vary, as will match rules; maps, map objectives ("deathmatch," "capture," "breakout," etc,) map settings, # of squaddies, squad load-out points, weaponsets, etc, will all be determined by the course of the <WAR>.

Will the Humans repulse the Aliens, and exterminate them in their homeworlds at last? Or will the Aliens accomplish their long-sought goal of enslaving humanity?

Register on 7K forum, select your preferred team, and commit yourself to <WAR>!!!!!!!!

Again, there are no scheduled matches, or assigned opponents. Instead, there is a "time window" that is open for match-play. This "window" closes at weeks' end, to allow moderators to track the course of the <WAR>. Window opens @ "7K clocktime" Tuesdays, 07:07, and closes @ 07:07 Mondays "7K clocktime."

JOIN THE WAR NOW!! http://www.7kplay.net
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